more butter?

Decay- was eating lunch with some business associates one day at a diner when a very large, very midwestern family came in. They came trooping in from their RV and were each so individually obese that they could not be seated in a booth, so three tables had to be pushed together to accomodate them. Now at this particular diner, each table (and remember, there were three tables) sported a large bowl full of whipped butter, to be used with pancakes or whatnot.

This family proceeded to order copious amounts of food from the menu, each of them ordering two or three entrées plus side orders. Decay- was equal parts fascinated and revolted. The coup-de-grâce, though, happened halfway through the meal. Decay- distinctly heard the waitress say to the portly family "Oh my, y'all finished those bowls right off...can I get you folks some more butter?" On channel, this is used whenever anyone complains about how fat they are.