Nates, multiplicity of

Nate or Nathan seems to be a common name on the channel. There are no less than four people by that name. In addition to the three referenced elsewhere in the Huh? Glossary, syncope is also a Nathan -- in fact he's the first Nathan (Nathan Sanders). But we all call him syncope, and he dislikes being called "nate" anyways.

Alter-N8 (Nate Sims) is alter-nate because it matches his nick. nrs (Nate Stahl), then, became othernate. When trmptman (Nathan Plante) joined us he was originally called yetanothernate but I found it too clumsy to say, so it's fallen into disuse. Another interesting bit of trivia is that the first three of the four Nates have the initials "NS". Ooooh, spooky!