(the) night Alex Trebek saved my life

In the mid-90s, Decay- had moved from Texas to a Castro-neighbourhood apartment. The proximity to the bars and clubs gave him plenty of opportunity to meet guys for both friendship and recreation. Well on one such recreational occasion, Decay- met up with a guy who invited him over to watch a Disney movie. When they got back to the guy's place, it happened that the Disney movie wasn't rewound and ready to go. While they waited for the tape to rewind, Decay- was idly flipping through channels and the game show Jeopardy! (hosted by Alex Trebek) happened to be on.

Decay- got caught up with the game show and even though the tape had long since been rewound, Decay- insisted on watching the entire show. He was able to answer all the questions and it was then that the host realized that Decay- was not likely to be as gullible as his other conquests to the transparency of his intentions. As the strains of Final Jeopardy played, it was abruptly decided that Decay- should really go home.

Years later, Decay- was relating this story to his friend Nutation for whom this story was eerily familiar (see: (to) invite someone over to watch a Disney movie). After comparing notes, pictures, and time-frames, they figured out that Decay's movie-host that evening had in fact been Nutation's then-boyfriend. Ever since that revelation, he refers to that night as the night Alex Trebek saved his life. To properly do this expression justice, it should be delivered in your best Southern-belle-goin'-to-th'-revival-meeting-praising-Jesus voice. It's use on channel is to describe a narrow escape from an unexpected and unwelcome seduction attempt.