Anyone who's spent a little time on the channel knows two things about Netboy:

  1. He's a bottom
  2. He has a phobia about poop

In fact, some might say that Netboy is (1) because of (2). Netboy maintains that it's because of (2) that he has a reputation for being a scrupulously clean (1). As he tells it, it all happened late one night at the Posh Denny's. As so often happens around that crowd, the topic of poopy buttsex accidents came up. His friend Robert mentioned that "Netboy has a reputation for being a very clean bottom." to which the indefatigable Ira quipped "Oh Netboy you've just had that poopbypass"

Originally, poopbypass was a pun on "heart bypass", as in a medical procedure; but once word got around on channel, it took on a kind of different meaning when it was conflated with the Caldecott Tunnel reference. Gradually, it took on the meaning of a freeway bypass.

Nutation joked that Netboy's poopbyass was probably big enough to drive traffic through (see: Caldecott Tunnel), and I described it as "... a multilane highway lit by sodium lights, with a lube station at the far end. It gets a lot of traffic on weekends, especially with regular commuters..." Netboy was only slightly amused, and reminded me tartly that I had never had the privilege of driving it, which caused me to shut up.