It is not uncommon on IRC to find people who are only interested in spamming their stats out in the hopes of snaring some sex -- cyber or otherwise -- or at least a pic or two. Those people are mercilessly skewered on #gaysf. Mockery remains one of our most potent weapons, and corsican's multi-line faux-stats spam is one of the finest:

corsican is 112, looks early 90-ish, 2'5", 480#, charming shut-in with liver spots adorning his bald head, decaying wrinkles, bedsores and occasional incontinence. Want a guy for rimming, CBT, SMBD, roofing, shingling, cockshitting, aggressive urination, fecal torture, vacuum-induced anal evisceration, PTSRCTVA, iron lunging and vetrenary sex! msg me for more!

The odd acronym PTSRCTVA attracts a lot of attention and somehow, I'm always the one who gets /msg'd "'s PTSRCTVA stand for?" My stock answer, as was corsican's, up to this point has been "Well if you don't know...." But now, I am going to reveal that PTSRCTVA....doesn't stand for anything at all. It's just a jumble of letters that corsican has enjoyed getting people to guess at what it means. I did, however, work out that it could stand for people totally sick of reading corsican's tired vapid acronyms, but it's more fun to make people guess. You're still on your own to work out what corsican means by "shingling", "roofing", "agressive urination" and "fecal torture" though.