SA Thing One, SA Thing Two

In late 1998/early 1999, Decay- and I (along with Juhrom) were in Boulder, Colorado working at a now-defunct ISP. One of Decay-'s jobs there was to design a staffing plan for the nascent network operations center (NOC). The staffing diagram called for two system administrators, who were identified as SA Thing One and SA Thing Two, in reference to two characters from Dr. Seuss' 1957 classic The Cat In The Hat

In that seminal piece of children's literature, the characters Thing One and Thing Two are pets of the eponymous Cat and they proceed to create mess and havoc throughout the house. Decay-'s pet names for the system administrator positions turned out to be weirdly prophetic, at least as far as SA Thing Two went. He epitomized the worst aspects of the "unhygienic system administrator" stereotype and his body odour was so offensive that many people refused to work with him.