Anyone old enough to remember when comic books were just comic books and not "illustrated novellas" will remember the ad for "Live Sea-Monkeys" that was often found on the back pages. For just a dollar, you'd get mailed to you a little package of brine shrimp -- apparently lifeless, vaguely insectoid things -- that would "magically" come to life when put in water. First marketed in 1960 as "Instant Life", Sea-Monkeys would become a huge part of American popular culture.

Flash forward some 38 years. Decay-, Juhrom, and myself are in Colorado on what would become a six-month assignment. Decay- starts dating a local boy named Aaron, who is sometimes on IRC as phinney. Aaron also happened to work for us, albeit under my department, not Decay-'s. Aaron's quaint term for sexual relations was "swapping seamonkeys." From this, seamonkeys became an all purpose word for "sperm". Decay-, who had a hand in administering machine names, even named the computer Aaron worked on "seamonkey."