slam the channel door

Xerxes has pretty much vanished from the channel these days. Which really shouldn't come as that much of a suprise, seeing as he once vowed never to return anyways. Shortly after his car got keyed (c. 1998, allegedly by Tranceboy, see: keying somebody's car), Xerxes came online and railed mightily against anyone who'd ever locked horns with him -- which, in those days, was the majority of the channel regulars. He accused us of being ungrateful and pathetic, how he was victimized and misunderstood ("You don't know me!! None of you KNOW ME!!!" was his constant lament) and that he had half a mind to leave and take his Poorboy bot with him, leaving us undefended against the big bad channel bashers.

Irishboy (no slouch in the self-aggrandizing game himself) finally tired of Xerxes' whinging and said "don't let the slamming channel door hit you on the ass on your way out." At this, Xerxes took both Poorboy and himself offline, vowing "That's it. I'm never coming back here. You can all rot for all I care. Of course...he didn't stay away long. Maybe four or five months afterwards, he crept quietly back into the channel, late at night. For many of us, we just woke up and all of a sudden, Xerxes was back in the channel. He seemed chastened and much quieter. To his credit, he endured all our taunts stoically and without reaction. Ever since then, whenever someone gets huffy or complains about how they're being picked on in the channel, they're invited to slam the channel door on their way out.

Xerxes and I had been at loggerheads many times -- we harbored intense mutual dislike of one another practically from the moment we'd met online. Over the years, and largely through the efforts of Decay-, we actually grew to become friendly with one another. We moved in vastly different social circles, but we would run into each other now and then and he always greeted me warmly; I even once visited him at his apartment when he lived in San Francisco briefly. I ran into him once at a restaurant where I was dining with other channel people and invited him to sit with us or at least come over and say hello. He politely declined, and blurted out candidly that I was the one of the only people remaining on channel that he still considered himself on friendly terms with. Considering where we'd come from, I was unexpectedly touched, especially as there was more than a trace of sadness in his voice. That was around March of 2000 and after that, I ran into him less and less until finally I didn't see him around at all anymore.