Not to be mistaken for "smurph", a type of hacker attack, The Smurfs are animated characters, originally drawn by the late Belgian cartoonist Peyo in 1958. They are small ("three apples high") elven creatures, blue, and wear white hats that vaguely resemble berets. Although originally printed characters, they are better known in North America (where they were administered by Hanna Barbera Studios, now a division of Warner Bros.) for their television series.

Anyways, in the early 1990s I used to hang out on the Usenet newsgroup soc.motss. Although by no means prolific, I contributed here and there to the newsgroup traffic and was accepted into the SmurfGangTM. Originally, I was given the name "Student Smurf" by Leo, President of Vice of the SmurfGangTM (who can sometimes be seen on channel as UCCityTop). I went to a co-op school so my email accounts kept getting shuffled around. One of the other SmurfGangTM, The Butch Smurf, re-christened me as the "Smurf-at-Large."