For some reason, this alternate-nick for ziddy generates a lot of questions. When ziddy first came on channel in #gaysf, his nick was steubenboi, after Steubenville OH, where he was residing at the time. It evolved through various steubieXX iterations as he went through birthdays. Then it became Candide, after the great literary work by Voltaire. After that it became zidane (after the character in Squaresoft's Final Fantasy IX), and currently it's ziddy.

A lot of people who are unfamiliar with Voltaire's great master work assume that Candide is a female character, when in fact the character is male. One of the themes in Voltaire's 1759 critique of the aristocracy and the church is the loss of naïveté through the endurance of many cruel hardships. Although it ends on a slightly more positive note, the whole thing seemed a tad too pessimistic for me. Consequently, I wasn't inclined to call ziddy "Candide". Instead, I syncretized it with an older nick of his and called him "steubencandy".

After he dropped the Candide nick, the "steubencandy" nick failed to have obvious relevance. Meanwhile the nick "zidane" sounded to me like some nasty medication -- like "zidovudine" (another name for AZT, sold as Retrovir) or "zovirax" (a herpes medication, trade name for acyclovir) -- so I stuck with "steubencandy". Now that he's just "ziddy" I guess I can deal with that. (Isn't it great to know that your nick is all about you?)