suffering for His Art (Capital H, Capital A)

RainKing, more recently using the nick "rk", is a musician. Singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and Simpsons-quotation-engine. An artiste if you will. Being something of an artist myself (shut up! graphic design is SO art. it's just...applied art. dammit.)...I know that artists are sometimes given to overblown preciousness in their attempt to articulate their artistic visions. This is what is sometimes called The Artist's Message -- capitalized for emphasis.

I once teasingly described rk as a "sensitive artist, suffering for His Art (Capital H, Capital A)" Okay, so maybe it was more "mockingly" than "teasingly". Anyways, whenever rk begins to sound all mopey (putting one's pain into one's art is a classic artist's methodology), I say that he must be suffering for His Art (Capital H, Capital A) again.