(to take) swings at the gong

The Gong Show was a television game show that ran for four years between 1976 and 1980, whereupon it spawned a movie of the same name. An ill-fated revival was attempted in the 1988-89 season but without host Chuck Barris it was roundly panned. The original series lives on in syndication and at The Game Show Network. The premise was pretty simple. Contestants would perform in an amateur talent show in front of a celebrity panel whose regulars included Jaye P. Morgan, and Jamie Farr. If they survived the 90 second time allowed, they advanced to the next round. However, if they SUCKED, the celebrity panel would beat at a giant brass coloured gong, and the mammoth echoing noise would ring out alarming all to the performer's absolute FAILURE.

While The Gong Show did occasionally have very witty celebrity guests, in its later years it's mostly remembered (at least by KidKero and me) as a place for has-beens, well out of their prime. The Gong Show became the next-to-last stop for the temporarily out of work sitcom performer as they desperately waited for a coveted cameo appearance in a made-for-TV-movie; playing themselves on The Love Boat; or a chance at that be-all-and-end-all position for any comedian...center box on Hollywood Squares.

In IRC, everyone is a comedian. Puns aren't just common...they are expected. However, sometimes (always) someone will make a joke that's just bad. Bad bad bad bad... bad. Whether it's gross or tacky, doesn't matter. Most people in the channel will merely type *groan*, and try and change the subject. After someone has made a particularly awful pun or joke in the channel, this expression might be used:

One of the funnier parts about this is that the celebrity names at the end are interchangable. With each use, its best to put in new people. Here are some sample celebrities and where you might know them from: