T mode

Visitors and regulars to the channel alike will sometimes find themselves amidst a flood of all-caps channel chatter, with each line preceded by the letter T. What the hell is this? Why is everyone shouting? And what does HUAGHALUAGAHUAGHALUAGAG mean anyways?

In 1998, the internet comic "Jerkcity" premiered. It is almost entirely made of nonsensical, and just odd odd ODD random rantings, mostly consisting of (but not limited to) dicksucking, bonghits, cumshots, cruising public toilets, and UNIX jokes. Most Jerckity comics are actual LOGS (yes, these conversations happened) of an incredibly private, well guarded pre-irc chat server/protocol named Hanford. One of the main Jerckity cast members, "Pants," then takes the logs and pipes them through MS Comic Chat (a freeware windows app), which is how they are displayed on the webpage.

Hanford, which again pre-dates irc, was so old that the terminals you could log into it from used only capital letters, thus the constant "yelling" required to emulate true Jerckity form. The "T" command stood for "tell", and is very much like "msg" in IRC. The command needs to be preceeded by a '/' for the client to recognize it... if you leave off the /, the whole thing just gets broadcast into the public channel, sharing whatever tragic secret you had meant for one person's eyes only. Therefore, T must always be followed by a nickname, for instance:

The HUAGHALUAGAHUAGHALUAGAG sound is another Jerkcity original, and has two meanings (this was verified by soylent/zoylent, an actual Jerkcity player -- he's the fez-wearing opossum named 'Atandt'). It means either "the sound one makes when forced to choke down a big cock" OR "the sound a water bong makes when you take a hit from it." It can usually mean one or the other at any given point in the comic, since Jerckity is almost always context free. It can be written in any number of ways but usually begins with H followed by some string of A, G, H, L, and U. TheLarch asserts somewhat Jerkcity-esquely that "...ending on a G denotes extra dicklicking" Some of the other hallmarks of T mode are K THX (= "okay? thanks"); PLZ (= "please"); and WRITE BACK (emulating help messages received by sysops).

Another fun fact about Jerkcity is that in real life, all of the players are straight, with the exception of Atandt. Given the content of Jerkcity, that's fairly hard to believe. Since Hanford is very much obsolete, one of the Jerkcity players has maintained a Hanford server, probably on some ungodly old machine just for everyone to connect to and perpetuate the comic :) Jerckity is very much one of those things that you either get or you don't. Fans of Zippy The Pinhead may find it much more accessible than others. When syke and orff first starting using T mode on channel, it was kind of an in-joke between the two of them. Since then, a lot more people have caught on to Jerkcity and the practice of T mode has basically become an all-purpose time-waster for bored geeks.