TwinkCode was developed in the early 1990s in by members of the soc.motss newsgroup who felt that the SmurfCODE and NBCS (bearcode) did not speak to them. It was the most complex of all of the various .sig file codes and in retrospect, many people feel that the silliness had reached its peak here. Bearcode's main characteristic was "fur" (how hirsute you were), SmurfCODE emphasized your "laugh" (what your sense of humour was like), but TwinkCode was all about "style" (the clothes you wore, and what your hair looked like.) TwinkCode's main downfall, in my opinion, was that it was too long and complex to remember. You had to have the spec handy to decode people's twinkcodes, which defeated the purpose of compressing lots of information into a small space. My twinkcode is T6C0L1s h++(hl)d-a-w-cy+e+gft++(1,3,4,6,10)k++!s+/++m1m2 Read the spec to decode it!