The Wonder Twins were two characters introduced in the fourth season (1977) of the animated series "The All-New Super-Friends Hour" by Hanna-Barbera Studios (now part of Warner Brothers). They were a brother-sister pair of teenage twin aliens from the planet Exxor, Zan (the brother) and Jayna (the sister) and their blue pet monkey, Gleek. They had the power to communicate telepathically and shape-change if they were in contact with each other and declared "Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!" Zan could only take on forms of water and Jayna could only take on animal shapes.

Pucky and I both grew up watching The Super Friends (and later, the All-New Super-Friends Hour) and we both recall thinking the Wonder Twins were so cool. Of course, we were six and seven years old at the time. Looking back, we both think "That hair! Those outfits! That damn MONKEY!!!!" Through the course of our relationship (9/21/96 - 6/21/98), wondertwin was our pet name for each other, and you will still hear us call each other that from time to time *smile*.