You're a STAHR!

In March of 2000, I went on a vaction to the East Coast and while there, I picked up some smalls plush toys from the IKEA outside of Philadelphia, PA. One such item was a blue star with outstretched arms and velcro-padded hands. You could join the hands together to make it hug an object. It was part of a series; there was a red heart, a blue star, and a yellow sun. (No, there were no green clovers or purple horseshoes and they weren't magically delicious.) I brought a bunch back to give to people as souvenirs.

DarqShado chose the blue star and he originally had it hugging his rear-view mirror so that you could see the star through the windshield, but it kept falling down. Later, he wrapped it around his gearshift. Whenever I saw DarqShado online, I'd greet him with "DarqShado!! You're a STAHR!". Tragically, DarqShado passed away very suddenly June 28, 2000 (coincidentally, the anniversary of Stonewall). The blue star was inherited by his close friend orff, who keeps it wrapped around the gearshift in his car as an ongoing tribute to his former room-mate. Out of respect to DarqShado, I have retired the greeting from common usage.