Spup's New Year's Eve 2001

I started off the new year and the new millenium back in my hometown of Toronto. It was not the first New Year's Eve I'd spent amid snow -- NYE'99 was spent in snowy Denver Colorado (albeit on a dancefloor in a club, in the arms of a redhead) -- but it was my first one back here in Canada. Click the thumbnail pictures in the frame above to view the pictures and captions, or use the text links below to navigate.

My friend Dave and his boyfriend Carlos were up visiting from New York City, but they opted to stay in the warmth of their hotel suite (wimps!) so I ventured down to Toronto's City Hall on my own. Nathan Phillips Square, or "new city hall" is located right in the heart of downtown Toronto at Bay and Queen Streets. Local television station City-TV (the folks behind Canada's MuchMusic) produce a yearly NYE show here featuring music and entertainment, telecast live into the homes of less cold-hardy citizens. Let's face it..."I Am Canadian" often means "I Am Watching This On Television Because It's Too Damn Cold Out..."

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