Nathan Phillips Square (Panorama View)

This panorama view (1461x600, 487KB) of Nathan Phillips Square was digitally composited from four separate pictures. The arches at the left of the picture provide lighting for the skating rink below (it's a fountain and reflecting pool during the summer months). Nathan Phillips Square is delineated by an elevated walkway that runs along its perimeter. The trees on this upper level have been decorated with multicolored lights for the holiday season. Beyond the walkway you can see the downtown Sheraton Hotel.

Moving right, the large building in the distance with the tower atop it is the Canada Life Insurance building. Though you can't see it too well here, the tower's flashing beacon at the very top glows green in good weather and red in bad weather. Further right is the Peace Pavillion, the gazebo-like structure between the trees in the middle foreground. This structure shelters an ever-burning eternal flame that burns in vigil for world peace.

Just to the right of the Peace Pavillion is a monumental menorah erected by Toronto's Jewish community to commemorate Chanukkah, the Festival of Lights. The lights blazing on the menorah make it difficult to discern the monument from the trees beside it. A large Christmas tree can also be seen across the square, between the Canada Life building and the Peace Pavillion.

Finally, at the far right of the picture is Toronto City Hall, often called "new city hall" to distinguish it from "old city hall" directly east across Bay Street. The distinctive design has won numerous architectural awards for its curved twin towers and the central pod. Affectionately called "the mother ship", the central structure houses the city's council chambers.

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