BARTCamBoysLive six lines - five cams!
KidKero: you can tell who rides BART just to cruise by looking at their reaction to the cameras
SpupEh: "Please Do Not Masturbate Between Cars"
KidKero: if they roll their eyes and make a face, then go back onto the platform, obviously they aren't trying to go anywhere in a hurry
SpupEh: I'm just waiting for
KidKero: oh dear
SpupEh: Six Lines! Live Streaming Commuter Sex!
KidKero: (now with autopayment from iBill)
KidKero: "Ooh! Danny is going from San Leandro to Berkeley at 1pm!"
KidKero: "he's the hot str8 19 yo!"
SpupEh: ROFL!
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