circuitfucks ghb
NetBoy_24: why are the circuit parties always BEFORE a big gay event/parade instead of after?
SpupEh: timmyluv - the circuitistas want their money and the freshest crowds first.
majitica: circuitistas? hehehehehe
KidKero: that sounds like a preppy circuitboy in an apron, making coffee
Arkanjil: dont forget the glowsticks
KidKero: "I'll have the half-caf caramel moccachino with lite cinnamon double warm"
KidKero: "umm.... whuuuut?"
KidKero: "shut up, this DJ is off the hook!!"
NetBoy_24: circuitboys don't drink coffee. they drink ghb.
SpupEh: kkero: except that's not plain water in the bottle, and the coffee grounds are white and powdery and all over the counter.
KidKero it-fell-into-the-grout-i-cant-see-it SpupEh
NetBoy_24: :o)
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