KidKero plays the wicked witch of the west theme and sends flying falcon studios monkeys after spupEh
KidKero: "do our graphic design!"
KidKero: "hee hee hee!"
claudeSF: "Fly my pretties!"
KidKero: "make us hot!"
claudeSF: ROFL!
SpupEh: eek!
KidKero watches spupEh click his ruby slip covered dildos (decorative use only). "there's no place like belami.. theres NO place like belami"
KidKero: *Dissolve*
claudeSF: ROFL @ "make us hot!"
SpupEh: " have no power here! begone, before chronic hepatitis ravages YOUR liver too!"
claudeSF: kk is in top form this morning ;)
claudeSF gasps
claudeSF: LOL!
KidKero: <SpupEh> "I had a horrible dream that I had to do cover art for these gross steroided stuck up drug addicts with 5 lb cocks...and you were there...and you were there..."
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