edizione popolare delle opere
Pabster when does the opera season begin?
Pabster or is it almost over?
corsican opera has seasons? like football?
alchy usually in the fall
Pabster alchy: ahhh :) yay :) I thought so
Pabster I'm in the mood for opera
corsican opera is like Shakespeare translated into Italian and then wailed
SpupEh corsican: yah. Paris Opera plays La Scala on Thursday, it's the quarter-final librettos.
la traviata
SpupEh corsican: with their lead soprano coloratura out with a herniated diaphragm, La Scala is going to have to show strong recitative in the first half or they'll be sunk by the arias.
Pabster SF Opera is fine :)
corsican SpupEh: but what a comeback for Traviata!
alchy spup oh my.. herniated diaphragm? ouch!
SpupEh corsican: La Traviata has been strong all season, with an excellent showing by the front line team of the three Tenors.
Pabster I can't take Ballet this semester...
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