ass scouts in khakis
XVII: (15:11) [MAIN] #04:[joseph] haha
XVII: (15:11) [MAIN] #04:[joseph] yes
XVII: (15:11) [MAIN] #04:[joseph] those evil homos
XVII: (15:11) [MAIN] #04:[joseph] god forbid they ever organize, we could have a war!
SpupEh: *snicker*
ianjoseph: hrmm
SpupEh checks his copy of The Homosexual Agenda
XVII: (15:11) [MAIN] #15:[kp] dude no way. those evil boy scouts.
fruitbat: if the homosexuals organised the only war would be a civil one
XVII: (15:11) [MAIN] #15:[kp] scouting for butts to rape and pillage.
XVII: (15:11) [MAIN] #15:[kp] ass scouts.
fruitbat: and they'd never get beyond the choosing the uniforms stage
SpupEh: "khaki is SO last year!!"
SpupEh: "I am NOT going to battle in *those* tacky things"
briguy: Spupeh :)
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