martinize that hair, girl
ianjoseph: lol
fruitbat: "we can't go to battle yet, I haven't done my hair"
SpupEh: "Mary, if we have to put off every beach head landing til you do your hair, this war will be OVAH."
claudeSF: spup: ROFL!
XVII: (15:13) [MAIN] #04:[joseph] ray would grope the wounded
XVII: (15:13) [MAIN] #04:[joseph] he'd torture the hetero prisoners of war with oral sex
fruitbat: casualties reported today include four cases of wounded pride, three broken nails, and two hundred scratched faces
SpupEh: "reports of wrinkled linen jerseys are as yet unconfirmed..."
ianjoseph: the leaders convened at a famous restaurant using the name, Total Tool, party of two.
fruitbat: ooh, wrinkled linen
SpupEh: "the cost to drycleaners is said to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars as 24-hour Martinizing teams are mobilizing in triage centers throughout the western front..."
claudeSF: ROFL!
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