CK Be All That You Can Be
fruitbat gets an erection
hayden: lol
ianjoseph: ROFL
fruitbat: army helicopters are being called in as there are serious shortages of lipbalm being reported
Janeway returns
SpupEh: "...elite teams of British-Racing-Green Berets are parachuting behind enemy lines and spritzing them with CK-Be in an effort to confuse the troops..."
fruitbat: women across america are donating their stockings to the war effort. only sheer though, please, ladies
SpupEh: "..wait! is it a spray for men? is it for women? mlaaaaaaaaaah!"
H0lyC0w: hehe
claudeSF: ROFL!
fruitbat: the british war cabinet met today. there are now two british war cabinets, "war cabinet" and "war cabinet uk"
claudeSF: spup : YOU MUST write this down somewhere
SpupEh: fbat, ROFL!!
ianjoseph: ROFLMAO
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