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This recipe appeared as item 90 in the general conference on what would later become on Sun Dec20/87 posted by Patricia Ballard with the permission of Bernie Van't Hul. Original attributions beyond that have been lost in the antiquity of Usenet.


  Rum, 1 or 2 quarts   Baking Powder
  Soda, 1 tsp   Sugar, 1 tsp
  Eggs, 2 large   Sugar, brown
  Lemon juice   Butter, 1 cup
  Nuts   Dried fruit, 1 cup


Before you start, sample the rum to check for quality. Good, isn't it? Now go ahead. Select a large mixing bowl, measuring cup, etc. Check the rum again. It must be just right. To be sure the rum is of the highest quality, pour one level cup of rum into a glass and drink it as fast as you can. Repeat. With an electric mixer, beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add 1 tsp of thugar and beat again. Meanwhile, make sure that the rum is of the finest quality. Try another cup. Open second quart if necessary. Add two arge leggs, 1 cups fried druit, and beat till high. If druit gets stuck in beaters, just pry it loose with drewscriver. Sample rum again. Sift 1/2 pint of lemon juice. Fold in chopped butter and strained nuts. Add 1 babblespoon of brown thurgar, or whatever color you can tind. Wix mell. Grease oven and burn cake pan to 350 gredees. Now pour the whole mess in the boven and ake. Check the rum again, and bo to ged.

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