Josh Play Recipes Menus Menu: Pre-Nuptial Supper for Julie Blacher and Jonathan Gold


pain et beurre

Hors d`oeuvre


Russian buckwheat crepes topped with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of caviar

Champignons au Pistou

Crimini mushrooms filled with a mix of basil, garlic, pine nuts, and extra virgin olive oil topped with a sprinkling of Romano cheese and broiled to a golden brown


Epinards au fraises

A salad of baby spinach leaves and strawberries and a balsamic vinagrette


Graavlax á la Française

A fillet of Norwegian Salmon cured with dill and cognac served with a mustard-dill sauce

Pâtes au farce Poulet

Tubes of imported pasta filled with a chicken mousse covered with a not so light cream sauce and a sprinkling of French Black Truffle

Tarte au Fruits de Mer

A rich quiche with shrimp, crab, and scallops


Chrville des Canuts

"Silk Workers Brains"
A traditional Lyonase dish of farmer's cheese blended with fresh herbs

Plateau de Fromages

English Farm House Cheddar — Italian Gorgonzola — Spanish Monchega


Gâteau Basque

The traditional Basque almond cake filled with a delicate pastry cream

Tart au Chocolat et Orange

A decadent triple chocolate tart with a layer of Irish orange marmalade in an almond crust


Ginger-Lemon Tea (iced)
French Sparkling Cider (chilled)
Jasmine Tea (hot)
Freshly Brewed Javanese Coffee (hot)

Tout á la maison

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