Afternoon Nap

A busy time, organizing a social convention for about a hundred people, wven with a moderately-sized committee. But when you're the one member of the committee staying at the convention hotel things can get pretty hectic in a hurry. And after almost three days of it, I was tired.

So, when we had a couple of free hours with nothing planned, I was going to take a well deserved afternoon nap. I went upstairs to my hotel room. My roommate was out, so I got undressed and set the alarm clock for 6pm. That was about two hours or so away. It was hot, and the air conditioning was only working on low, so I napped on top of the covers.

Or tried to.

Around 4:15 the door opened and in walked Ron. He'd brought Mark with him. Apparently the two of them were going to engage in some... fraternization. "Good for them," I thought, and continued to doze. At least until Mark and Ron, both naked, climbed onto my bed and started kissing and licking me.

Now, I may be tired, but I wasn't too tired for sex. So I started joining in, licking and nibbling and sucking and kissing various body parts of Ron and Mark as they drifted by. This went on for a while until the phone rang.

I answered it, as Ron was indisposed, sucking on Mark's cock. "Hello?"

"Ron?" asked voice at the other end.

"Nope," I replied.

"Mark?" asked the voice.

"Nope," I replied again, while thinking that this must have been well-orchestrated.

"Um... Is this room 312?" asked the voice.

"Yes." I wasn't being very helpful, and it felt rather good. And entertaining. Okay, I admit it, I was punchy and sleepy and in no mood to tell the disembodied voice that Ron and Mark were busy playing with each other at the other end of my bed.

"To whom am I speaking?" asked the voice, sounding very confused.

I told him.

"May I speak to Ron?"


Ron took the phone and invited Dave to come on over. A few minutes later, Dave knocked on the door and we let him in. He commented that his husband would be joining us later, and stripped out of his meagre clothing. The four of us resumed frolicking on the bed until Ron had to get dressed for his 5pm dinner date.

Ron dressed, Dave and Mark and I kept sucking and licking and slurping each other. Ron left (after a really nice farewell kiss from Mark) and about ten minutes later Fred joined us.

Fred knew I liked to get tied up, so he grabbed my toybox and tied me spreadeagled to the bed. He and Dave adjourned to Ron's bed, while Mark and I continued to 69. I made the mistake of commenting, "Why is it that foursomes always seem to devolve into two twosomes?" and Fred had Mark join them on Ron's bed.

I sighed.

About five minutes later, the three of them rejoined me on my bed. Dave sat on my face so I could rim him as he jacked off. Mark leaned between my legs to suck my cock. Fred stood behind Mark and jacked their swollen cocks.

With a shout and a gasp, Dave shot his load all over my chest. Using his cum for lube he jacked me off, still sitting on my face and having me rim his hot butt. I screamed into his ass as I came all over myself. Dave rolled off me and we watched as Fred made Mark cum all over me. Mark got behind Fred to rim him, and shortly Fred shot his load onto me as well.

They untied me, and we showered and managed to pull ourselves together enough to go downstairs for dinner. It may not have been "rest" but it sure was "relaxation."

AFTERNOON NAP is Copyright © 1996 by Joshua S. Simon. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead or events past or future is purely coincidental.