Barber Pole Poke

My parents separated right after school ended, and they shipped me off to my grandparents. They live in a small town in northern New Jersey; I'd been there one week, and was already tired of just hanging around the house. I missed my best friend, Mark. Just the thought of Mark made my cock begin to harden. Damn, I thought, not a fucking thing to do.

"Why don't you get a haircut," my grandmother said as she cleared the breakfast table. "I hear they're wearing it short again. I never did like long hair on men. Sometimes you can't tell the boys from the girls."

"In California all my friends wear it just this way," I said, running a hand through my hair and feeling it against the back of my neck.

"We've got a good barber. His father owned the shop until he retired. Your father always went there. Now his son Tony runs it. I hear he's even better. Where are you going?"

"Downtown. Just for a walk," I said, as I left the kitchen wearing my old tennis shorts, hoping I'd meet a friend, although I had noticed that most of the kids hung around in pairs and always seemed to be heading somewhere only they knew about.

I wandered down tree-lined streets and passed the barber shop with its striped pole, the colors magically twisting up and down.

I noticed that the barber was sitting in one of the two chairs reading a Playboy magazine. He was young, Italian and well- built. He wore a nylon short-sleeved barber's coat, the unbuttoned collar revealing a smooth tanned chest beneath a thick muscled neck. The guy reminded me of 'Rocky' Stallone. He winked when he saw me. I figured the only way to meet him was to get my hair cut. What the hell, I thought, It'll grow.

The bell above the door sounded as I entered. He turned and smiled in welcome. "Hi, I'm Tony," he said. "I'll be right with you. You can sit in either chair, but this one's closer to the fan. Sure is hot out."

"Yeah," I replied, passing the first chair and noticing Tony's hand gripping the leather strap as he scraped the razor back and forth.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Lan," I replied.

"You can hang your shirt over there. If you want something to read, I've got some magazines," Tony said, carefully testing the blade and washing his hands. "You want the fan turned up?"

I sat up in the seat. "No, I'm all right," I said. Tony grabbed a fresh cloth, whipped it about like a toreador's cape and placed it across my lap. Taking a cold towel, he wiped the sweat from my throat, the nape of my neck and my hairless chest. He pulled the cloth over me and handed me the magazine, opening it to a dog-eared page. The photo depicted a blonde with her ass up in the air and behind her was a gorgeous stud with a hard-on.

"Nice, huh?"

"Yeah," I said, feeling Tony's hands now fussing with my long, blond hair, pulling the locks gently at first and then a bit harder. "How do you want it?"

"Real short."

"Too bad. You've got nice hair. I almost hate to cut it. You must be new in town. I've never seen you before."

"Yeah, I'm visiting my grandparents for the summer."

"I guess you liked the picture. You've hot a hard-on. You'd better cover up, your cock's showing. Customers might come in."

I blushed as I stretched down the leg of my shorts. Then I saw the bulge in Tony's chinos and said, "You're pretty hot, too."

We were now facing each other. Our eyes met, and I found my knee was pressing against Tony's crotch, which had grown considerably.

His hand moved up my chest and touched a nipple, but just for a moment. "Okay." Tony said as he finished cutting. He handed me a mirror, and brushed my back saying, "Well, How's it look?"

"Yeah, I like it," I said, seeing Tony's tough, rough-hewn face reflected in the mirror. "It feels... cool."

"You're not in a hurry, are you?" Tony asked, taking the money I handed him. "I have some Cokes in the fridge."

"Me? No, no hurry," I said, as Tony shut the blinds and put a sign in the window that read, "Out To Lunch." I followed him into a back room that was crowed with boxes of talcum powder, piles of clean towels, and a very old barber's chair, its back down, the leather cracked from the sweat of many squirming men's asses.

Tony anxiously pulled me to him, his large hands squeezing my buns, saying "Baby buns. Oh yeah, the best kind." He opened the fly of my shorts and pulled out my cucumber-sized cock, noting, "A hot young ass but a man's cock." Then he took out his own thick, battle-scared Italian meat and placed them together, his hot fingers quickly spreading the sticky juice that flowed from both heads. He nibbled at my nipples. There was already so much juice on both our cocks and the insides of our thighs that Tony had to stop jacking us off or we would have cum immediately.

We both undressed, never taking our eyes off of each other's cocks. Tony lifted me up, placed me on the barbers chair and spread my legs, first licking my balls, then sucking at my erection. As Tony played with my asshole, I squirmed with pleasure, whispering encouragement, wanting Tony to give it all to me.

Then Tony climbed onto the chair, his muscular body fascinating and arousing me. Tony said, "Don't worry, they made things better back then. These old chairs can hold a lot of weight." Kneeling above my chest, he shoved his throbbing cock into my anxious mouth, his heavy balls pressing against my chin. He swung around, and we sixty-nined.

Tony turned me over, kissed my cheeks,and licked my tender butt, spreading his saliva around, saying, "You're all wet now. Just wet enough." He spread my asshole and when I felt Tony's large cockhead pushing against me, I said, "easy, easy. I've only done this a couple of times, and they weren't as big as you are."

"Hey, leave it to me," Tony soothed, and he moved my body this way and that, his fingers rubbing, hands massaging, and then I felt him enter me; for an instant it hurt, and then it felt right at home. The pleasure was almost instantaneous, and I pushed my ass back toward Tony's patch of black curly hair so that I could feel it all, every inch. The chair moved and turned with the plunging and twisting. I could see myself in a full- length mirror and I could see Tony's face, eyes closed in sheer pleasure, his ass never stopping until his prick exploded. He slowly withdrew it, then turned me over and sucked me dry, my body arching as I came.

We were both lying in each other's arms, Tony kissing me when there was a pounding on the shop's door. I stiffened. Tony just kissed me, saying, "Don't worry. It's an old friend. He always checks up on me whenever he sees the blinds closed. You know, I think you'll like him."

He rose and wrapped a towel around himself. I also grabbed a towel and wiped myself. I heard the bell and turned to see a burly young Irish policeman enter the room, followed by Tony.

"Nice, hmmmmmm?" Tony was saying as he removed his towel and the policeman gave me the once over.

"Yeah, real nice."

"he's here for the summer," Tony said, grabbing me and pulling me closer, "and he's mine. All mine. Lan, this is Jerry. One of the town's three cops."

Jerry removed his policeman's had, revealing a thick crop of red hair. Then he removed his summer uniform as Tony's hand groped my basket. The policeman was also muscular, with a barrel chest, massive thighs, muscular arms, and a thick patch of red hair framing his long, uncut dick.

"Get up on the chair," Tony ordered Jerry in an authoritative voice he hadn't used with me. "And on your stomach. I want my baby to have some of that ... pig ass."

Jerry did as he was told. Tony mounted the lowered chair where Jerry's head rested, grabbed his ass and pulled him up toward him, shoving his now hard cock into Jerry's mouth. He reached down, spreading his asshole, and motioned for me to mount the chair and the cop. I stared for a moment at the cop's ass as Tony's fingers dug about in his hole, and then I shoved my cock inside.

"Yeah, you do what I say, right Jerry?" Jerry nodded, not daring to stop sucking Tony's thick-veined cock as I pounded away, now twisting my cock this way and that so as not to miss an inch of Jerry's smooth tunnel. Then Tony said, "I want ass. Let's switch." He quickly wiped my dick off with a wet towel before Jerry grabbed my cock and began kissing it.

Then I watched Tony's cock slip easily into the cop's hole, saying "Yeah, you got it nice and hot for me, kid. Nice and wet." Soon we were all moving together, writhing in the chair. Tony raised Jerry's butt high enough so he could reach under and play with his hard, distened cock dripping with precum.

"Take him," Tony said. I fell to my knees in front of Jerry, Tony still keeping his cock deep in Jerry's ass. I licked the big balls, then grabbed his dick and sucked until Jerry climaxed.

I swallowed the hot eruption. We paused, catching our breath in the hot, stuffy room.

As Jerry dried himself off and dressed, Tony held me, kissing and feeling me. As Jerry Left, Tony called out to him, "Hey, you're about due for a haircut. And by the way, this kid's mine, remember!"

All the way home, I thought of Tony. I decided small towns weren't so bad after all. I had the whole summer with Tony to look forward to. As I entered the house, my grandmother said, "Your mother called. She said you could come and stay with her."

"No way," I said. "I like it here."

BARBER POLE POKE is Copyright © 1987 by Jerry Enright. It appeared in the September 1987 issue of Hot Shots magazine, and was posted to the Usenet news group as message-ID <> on Apr05/91. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead or events past or future is purely coincidental.