Big Dave

I first met Dave at Johnsons hardware on 18th street last August. It was a Sunday, and I had run to the store to pick up some L-brackets that I needed to put up some shelving. My roommate and I were remodeling the place and he decided he wanted to take a break and run to the park with his current lover. I decided to stay and work.

Anyway, I was getting the last of my things when Dave bounced into the store. This guy was big. He stood about 6'5" was about 300 pounds, which he carried mostly in his chest, and wore a clean t-shirt and faded Levis. He was bearded, but it was cut short. He was partially bald right on top, and he had silver blond hair that came to the tops of his ears. His beard was the same color.

Most of all the guys watched as his hulking figure walked through the store, and as he stood in the aisle I couldn't help staring either. He seemed to be having a problem looking for some paint and he kept walking back and forth, trying to find what he needed. He noticed I was nearby and started to ask me a question. "Hey, fella." He stood up and his chest stuck out as he straightened. I could see billows of chest fur underneath the shirt. "Do you know anything about paint?"

I walked over towards him trying not to stare and got close enough to smell him. He was clean, and yet, he had the smell of sweat on him. The heat from his body was evident. I bent down towards the bottom rows of paint and pulled out a color chart. "This oughta help you guy." I smiled and he grinned, exposing a set of clean white teeth. "Actually, my wife was looking for something called Stucko." He dropped his hands in frustration. "I don't know what the fuck she means."

"Well I know what Stucko is, but," I looked around the shelves and surrounding areas but could not see any. "...I don't see any." I added, "I have it all over my house, it's kind of like a rough gritty kind of paint."

"Well are you sure they don't have it?" He pleaded. I looked around some more and then proceeded to ask the cashier, who verified the store was out.

"It looks like you may have to go to the True Value across state line to get some." He shook his head. "No, that wont help, I don't have a charge account with them, and I am short on cash this week. I can't spend a dime."

I thought about his problem and remembered I had some left from when Jeff and I did the outside panels. I certainly wouldn't mind sharing with this big handsome guy. "Well if you don't need a lot, I think I have some left over, from when I used on the house. You are more than welcome to it."

He smiled and put out a furry hand which engulfed mine. "Gee thanks man! This would really help!" He laughed heartily and followed me outside to my car. "I don't live too far away, why don't you just follow me out there OK?" He replied, "Sure enough, lead the way little buddy."

I drove slow enough for him to follow but he was driving a sooped up GTO that could have run over my VW. I watched him in his car as he drove and I noticed that he was shifting a lot as if he was uncomfortable. I could also see that he was too big for the seat!

As we came to the house, I motioned for him to go ahead and pull up the drive because the Stucko we had was in 5 gallon containers and had to be loaded up in the back of his car. I then motioned for him to come in.

He had to bend his head to get in the door and you could feel the floor vibrate as he walked through the house. I was busy checking which room we had the Stucko in and couldn't find it anywhere downstairs. I got up the steps and heard some noise from Jeff's bedroom. I knocked, "Hey Jeff are you in there?" He came to the door and I could see his lover in bed. "Oh I'm sorry, I just wanted to see if it was you." He replied, "No problem." I answered," I've got this guy here and I am going to let him borrow the extra Stucko we've got, so try to keep things down." "No problem, we were just finishing up." He smiled. "By the way, the Stucko is in your room." "Thanks" I replied, and closed the door.

As I walked to my room, I could hear Dave walking up the steps. I went to my room and got the Stucko, and when I came out Dave was closing the door to Jeff's room and I could hear him say "Sorry Guys, wrong room."

I stopped, for fear of what Dave was going to think and he walked over to me with a sheapish grin on his face. "I think I scared your friends by peeking in on them like that." He lowered his head.

I quickly replied, "Well, I guess you want to get out of here with this stuff."

He looked up at me and flashed his blue eyes at me and grinned. "Well actually I would like to try a little of what they were doing in there!"

With that, he slowly reached over to my crotch and started massaging it. My legs suddenly got week. My cock started to grow, and although it's not too big, it is pretty thick. He immediately noticed. "Feels like you're getting hot!" With that, he bent down and stuck his tongue in my mouth. The sweet/salty taste of beer hit my mouth and I sucked it deep in my mouth. "MMMMMMMMMMM," He moaned and I felt his hot breath on my cheek from his nostrils. As I sucked his tongue I reached down to feel his growing member. It was huge and thick, sticking through his jeans like an engorged vein.

I led him into my bedroom and we both stripped, him revealing a bushy mound of hair all over his chest and particularly on his belly. I am hairy but this guy was a monster. When it came for us to take off our pants, I nearly fell over when I saw the engorged penis that vibrated through his BVDs. When he took them off, his huge 8 inch cock flipped out of his underwear and immediately got rock hard. What made it monstrous was the fact that it was as thick as a baseball bat.

He came over to me, and got on his knees, his face in front of my belly and started kissing the fuzzy round of my stomach. A chill went through me, I guess because I have always been ticklish there, and I shivered. He giggled and then slowly brought my underwear down, to reveal my growing cock. He held it in his hand and licked at the sweaty tip. It was already oozing pre-cum and he licked it up and swallowed. He gathered up my balls in one hand and brought his tongue underneath and started licking the sweat which had gathered underneath. My head was buzzing at this point and I felt as if I was going to pass out. Then he started sucking on the head, making sucking sounds as he did this, and then he slowly eased it into his throat. I could tell he was an amature, but he had always known what he wanted.

After getting head from him for about 5 minutes, I was almost to the brink. I held back though and motioned for him to lay on the bed. He plopped down quickly and put one knee up. The other leg lay long against the side of the matress and his big foot dangled over the end of the bed. I dove in between his legs and started licking on his huge balls. They were about the size of golf balls, and very heavy. I watched his expressions as I did this and he was laying with his eyes on me, working on his scrotum. His big cock bobbed above me, it was already leaking juice which I was starting to get hungry for. I reached up and started to stroke his big cock, he moaned with approval and slowly rocked his hips with my hand. I was already humping the bed sheets getting pleasure from the friction.

I bent his cock down just enough to get the tip in my mouth, and as I pulled it down, he yelled in pleasure and a shiver went through him. A glob of man-juice came to the head and I quickly lapped it up. He moaned.

Having a hold of his cock I started sucking on the head. I had it pulled down to my level, which looked rather uncomfortable for him, but he gyrated his hips wanting more. I have found that sometimes pulling the cock down through the legs can be pleasurable, as well as pulling it up. At this point he was breathing harder and I was fucking the sheets with my cock up against them. I took the throbbing tip of his dick in my mouth and sucked loudly. I could feel his prostate pulse with every suck. I was also stroking the shaft of his dick with my right hand.

At this point I was getting his cock further and further into my throat, taking it faster and faster. He was violently gyrating his ass, making short grunting noises with each suck. As I started to take his cock all the way, I pulled further and further down between his legs, the point where I could no longer see his face over his belly, and getting nose level with his musky shit hole. Then I could feel his dick throb and he stopped. I took his cock all the way down my throat and brought it down as far as I could. He gasped, and kept from screaming. I could feel the cum start to roll up to his dick, so I stopped the vein with my thumb. Then I sat up and buried his upright cock down my throat. He screamed loudly and gyrated. The whole bed shook as his cock started pumping hot loads of cum down my throat. I gagged on it, because I didn't realize it was so thick, and it rolled out of my mouth onto his shaft and balls. It was as white as snow and as thick as pudding. He kept screaming and his cock pumped more and more cum, which by now was spilling all over me and him. I reached down to grab my own cock, and in one stroke, spewed out a hot load of semen, which sprayed him on the chest and face.

He vibrated a few more times, releasing the last of his sperm, which dribbled out and slid down his softening cock. I was paralyzed on my knees, hovering just above him, my cock still dripping from the orgasm onto the sheets below. Then after a short while, I collapsed on top of him.

"Wow that was great." He said later on as we kissed. I looked at his face, sweat covered and furry, and licked up some of the cum I had hit him with a minute ago. "I guess we made a mess didn't we!" We both laughed and slowly got out of bed.

Later on as we got dressed and loaded the Stucko out to his car, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for being so helpful. He took my number down and promised to call me later in the week, because he was going to have some free time. We kissed one last time and he left.

Dave and I had a lot of fun together the next few years, getting each other wet with cum. Unfortunately his wife caught on eventually to what was happening and he had to cool it for a while. But even though we lost touch along the way, I still have to stop by that hardware store, in hopes that there is another weary bear in need of assistance.

BIG DAVE is Copyright © 1991 by its author and was posted to the Usenet news group All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead or events past or future is purely coincidental.