Chris was a boytoy I met on the net. We flirted heavily for several months — close to a year, come to think of it — until he finally agreed to come up to my place for a visit.

We had talked a lot about limits; he had four non-negotiable limits: No scat, no drinking piss, no fisting, and no marks above the neck. Anything else was fair game.

He agreed not to jack off from when he agreed to come visit until he actually visited. As it happens, that was four months of not jacking off. He was to keep track of the number of orgasms he had, the number of sex partners he had, the number of times he touched his dick in the week before he visited me, and so on. I was going to use these numbers as a punishment basis.

Chris was coming by bus from Kansas City. I met him at the bus station, wearing black shirt, black jeans, black leather boots, a black leather belt, and because of the rain we'd been having off and on a black trenchcoat. Chris got off the bus, looked around, and headed towards me. He opened his mouth to say "Hello" or something, but before he could speak I shoved a hankerchief into his mouth. His eyes bulged a little but he made no move to spit it out. I moved behind him to place the nickel-plated handcuffs on his wrists, cinching them tightly behind him. I said, "Follow me, boy," and walked off towards my car. He followed.

I opened the back door to my car and ordered him to get in. Awkwardly, since his hands were tied behind him, he managed to get in and lay on the seat. I asked, "Who said you could sit on that seat?" and he rolled himself onto the floor, lying awkwardly over the hump in the middle. "Better," I muttered, and shut the door.

I got in, buckled up, turned the radio up loud and mis-tuned it for static. I drove back to my place, making a few extra turns to confuse any sense of direction he might've had.


We got to my place and I parked the car in the garage. I helped him out of the backseat, stood him up, and then attached a heavy blindfold so he couldn't see. I also fastened a heavy black leather collar to his neck and then a chain-link leash to his collar. I tugged on the leash and said, "Come on, puppy." He followed me as I walked him to the apartment door.

I shut the door and ordered him to his knees. I stuck my crotch in his face and made him smell me. He whimpered in lust, and I could see his own cock bulging in his sweatpants, tenting them up since as ordered he wore no underwear.

I removed his gag and forced his head down to my boots and ordered him to lick 'em. He started licking at the toe and around to the inseam, leaving a trail of spit behind as he worshipped my tall boots. I massaged my growing crotch as this boy, who had yet to speak in my presence, spit-shined my boots while handcuffed and blindfolded in front of me.

After about twenty minutes, when he'd licked both boots and spit-shined them well enough for a blindfolded boytoy, I ordered him to stop and removed them. I had him stand and I dragged him into the bedroom. I uncuffed him and shoved him onto the bed, on his back.

I pulled off one of my socks and said, "Here's something to nibble on." Expecting it to be my cock or balls, he opened his mouth wide and I shoved the sock home. I pulled off the other sock and used it to tie the first one in place. "That's the same pair of socks I've worn all week, so enjoy it, boy."

I grabbed my handy leather restraints and fastened one to each of his wrists, snugging them tight without impairing his circulation. I pulled his arms into a spread-eagle position and fastened each wrist to the headboard of the bed, being sure to leave the knots and catches well out of his reach.

I removed my own clothes and stood in front of him, naked. Blindfolded with his wrists tied and his sweats tented up, gagged with my sweaty socks, he looked really good. I decided to have some fun, and untied his sweats and removed them, along with his shoes and socks, leaving him naked from the waist down. I fastened the remaining restraints to his ankles and buckled them tightly. I then tied each ankle to one of the legs of the bed, tightening all of the ropes so he could move side to side a little but not much.

I left the room to go get a drink from the kitchen. While there I grabbed a few supplies and went back to the bedroom. I took the lube bottle that I'd been refrigerating and squeezed some into my palm. Grinning, which he couldn't see, I suddenly wrapped my hand along his rock-hard cock and spread the gelid lube all over it. He whimpered and moaned into the sock gag as the cold hit his cock, but his cock throbbed ever harder as the sensation hit. I slowly ran my hand up and down his shaft, enjoying him moaning and whimpering as I jacked his ripe cock. As suddenly as I started, I stoppped.

I put on a jockstrap and removed his blindfold. I wanted him to see what was coming next, but didn't think he deserved to see my cock yet. He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the light of the room. I stood there smiling and brandished one of the large kitchen knives, I slowly ran the back of the knife along his skin, up the inside of his thigh. He started trying to escape, but the restraints held him in place. Still using the back, I dragged it up his chest, resting the point gently on his throat. "Something wrong, boy?" I asked. His eyes still wide with fear, he shook his head No. I smiled sweetly, reversed the knife, and slit his shirt open, neck to navel. I slit the sleeves off and pulled the rags of his shirt away, tossing it against the wall.

I started caressing his body, rubbing his firmly muscled arms and pecs, being sure to rub and pinch his nipples. His eyes were half-closed from the pleasure as I leaned over to gently suck and bite on one of his rosy pink teats. I moved to his left nipple, getnly pinching his right nipple with my fingers, rubbing my spit around on it. Of course, his eyes snapped open really quickly when I put that nipple clamp on, and he whimpered into the gag. I smiled, slapped his face gently once or twice, and left the room again.

After maybe fifteen minutes of waiting, I went back in. His cock was still rock hard, glistening with the lube still on it, and his nipples were nice and swollen. I removed the clamps and he moaned into the gag. I moved up to his head and removed the socks. "I want some attention now, boy. Rim my butt." I planted my ass firmly over his face and made him eat out my ass for about half an hour. Whenever he seemed to get tired of it, I pinched one of his nipples or stroked his cock.

I lifted my ass off his face and dangled my balls, hanging out the side of the jock pouch, above his mouth. He reached his tongue out to lick them, and did a passable job. I told him so, and added, "You've been such a good boy so far, it's time for a treat. You get to taste your Master's cock." I removed the jockstrap and started fucking his face, slowly. When I got close to coming I pulled out and jacked off and came all over his face. I wiped it up with my hand and used it with the lube on his cock to jack him off. When he got close to coming, though, I stopped. He whimpered.

"Are you telling me you want to cum, boy?"

"Yessir," he replied.

"Tough shit," I responded. "I'm not done with you yet."

I reversed the socks so that the dry one went into his mouth and the wet one tied it in place. I then put the blindfold back on him and untied his ankles from the bed, leaving the ropes tied to the bed and the restraints on his ankles. I then refastened the ankles to the headboard with new ropes. This brought his ass — a nice smooth bubble-butt — into my full view.

"Nice ass for a bad boy like you," I said. I placed a pillow under his back to angle his butt where I wanted it. "Now then, dumb-ass, we're going to punish you for your offenses. Five strokes for each orgasm you had, and you had thirty-four. Ten for each sexual partner, and you had three. Twenty for each three-way, and you had one. You touched your dick four times, according to the note in your pocket. Grunt once if I'm right." He grunted once only. "Good. And fifteen for each of those, that's 280 strokes. Plus another twenty for trying to say Hello at the station. Three hundred even. Get ready."

I went to the kitchen to remove a slotted spoon I'd left in the freezer. I started spanking him, lightly, mostly on his ass, but also on his thighs. He whimpered a little but not much, so I started going a little harder, ever careful not to draw blood.

After every twenty strokes I stopped to make a note on the notepad by the bed. After the first hundred I stopped, for both his ass and the spoon were warm. I grabbed some lube and lubed up his asshole. He moaned. I took the head of a small butt-plug and lubed it up as well. "Open up for Daddy," I said, and slowly inserted it up his ass. His ass opened up nicely and swallowed the plug to the base. He moaned and whimpered into his gag.

I grabbed my hairbrush from the side table and started spanking him with that, giving him his second hundred strokes. He was whimpering more and more now, trying not to cry. By the time I reached 180 the tears had started; by the time I reached 200, he was definitely sobbing from the spanking. I loosened his ropes holding his ankles in the air, and allowed him to lower his legs and rest. I caressed his face and said he'd taken it well so far, and now I was going to fuck him let him come once, and then we'd go to dinner.

I removed the plug from his ass, placed my own condomed, lubed cock at his ass, and gently worked my way in. The heat from his ass and thighs was incredible, but very welcome. I started to fuck him, being sure to pinch his nipples with one hand while jacking his cock with the other. The tears drying on his face, he started moaning again, louder, and suddenly he screamed into his sock-gag as he started shooting, spasm after spasm of his orgasm wracking his body, blindfolded, gagged, arms still tied, with my cock deepin his ass. This was too much for me, so I pulled out, ripped off the condom, and jacked myself off onto his chest and face.

After allowing us both to rest, I removed his collar, gag, and the restraints, leaving them tied to the bed. I helped him sit up, took off the blindfold, and said, "Time to clean up. Come on."

I turned on the shower and adjusted it so it was hot enough for my tastes. I ordered him into the shower with me and commanded him to wash me. He started at my neck, soaping me up and washing away the sweat and dirt of the workday and our fuck session. He washed me all over, paying close attention to my cock, balls, and ass, and rinsed me clear. I had him kneel behind me with my ass in his face as I washed my own hair — didn't want to get shampoo in my eyes, after all.

After I was clean, I turned off the shower and got out. "Dry me," I ordered, and he got out and carefully dried me off, dripping all the while onto the bathroom rug. When he was done, I said "You have five minutes to shower and dry off yourself. Move it." I left the bathroom to get dressed.

Five minutes later, he came back into the bedroom, all clean and dry. "Get dressed; we're going out, boy," I said. "But first, put this in." I held up the butt plug. He bent over and spread his ass cheeks while I lubed him up and seated the plug in his ass. We dressed and left for dinner.

After dinner, when we got home, I said to him "I'm tired, boy. I want you to work on my cock and balls and ass and make me come. And you're not allowed to touch your own cock until I tell you to."

He undressed me and I laid down on the bed. He licked me all over, paying close attention to my ears, neck, nipples, pits, belly-button, and ass, before starting to suck my cock seriously. After twenty or thirty minutes I was getting close to coming. I warned him, and he pulled off and jacked my cock 'til I came on his face.

I tossed him a spare blanket and snuggled under my covers. "You can sleep on the floor or at the foot of the bed, boy." I drifted off to sleep with him laying across the bottom of the bed at my feet.


I woke up later than usual, mainly because the sex last night had been so good. The boytoy was at my feet, still with the butt plug in his ass and a huge hardon. I got out of bed and carefully maneuvered my cock into his face, pressing my dickhead gently against his full lips.

Without warning I pinched down, hard, on both his nipples. He opened his mouth to yell with the pain and I shoved my cock into him. He thrashed around a bit until he remembered where he was and then he started sucking on my cock. I rewarded him for the good sex, and for being a good quiet boytoy all night, and for letting me sleep in, by swiveling around to suck his cock, too. "Don't cum until I give permission, or it's an extra five hundred strokes, boy," I said, and started going to town on his cock.

We sixty-nined for a good half hour before I started getting close. I massaged the base of the plug up his ass, rubbing it against his prostate, as I sucked him and fucked his face. He started moaning, as if he was getting close to cumming, so I pulled off and said "Don't cum, boy. I haven't said you can, and you're in big trouble if you do!" I then took my cock and shoved it all the way down his throat, holding his head firmly against my pelvis as my cock throbbed inside him. He started struggling a little, trying to get some air, trying not to choke on my throbbing cock as it stayed put in his throat. He started turning darker and darker in the face, fading from the flushed red towards a purple, as he tried to breathe but couldn't, getting a little oxygen through his nose but only enough not to pass out completely.

I moved my hips a little, letting him breathe some, but making sure at least half my cock stayed in his mouth and throat the whole time. "I'm gonna cum soon, boy, so swallow the whole load." I went back to sucking his own throbbing and drooling cock, humping his face, until I again buried his nose in my crotch and started shooting my load deep into his throat. I held his face there, enjoying his throat swallowing my cock and his struggles to breathe as I came inside him. I kept sucking his cock, as he got more and more frantic, until I relented.

I pulled my softening dick out of his face and said, "You may cum now. If you don't cum in the next three minutes, you may not cum again at all until after dinner." I stopped sucking and started simply playing with the plug in his ass. He reached towards his cock as if to jack off, but I stopped that with a slap to his face and the word "No."

He whimpered, "Yessir," and started rimming my ass as I played with his butt plug. He started moaning and groaning and humping the air as he tried to cum. I grabbed his cock and stroked it twice and he started shooting, load after load of gooey jism, all over himself. I made him lick my fingers clean and clean himself up before cooking me brunch.

He did a fairly good job scrambling up some eggs and making toast for breakfast. He, of course, ate off a plate on the floor, with his collar and leash. After brunch, I was going to make this slut puppy pay.

I had him put on a pair of latex gloves. I gave him a handful of cotton balls for each hand and had him make a loose fist around them. I then used duct tape to securely turn each hand into a paw, trapping it in the loose fist position. Once the gloves were securely taped up, I tied him back up in the restraints, naked, only face-down this time. I fastened a blindfold on him but left his mouth ungagged.

I removed the plug from his ass and added more lube, working three fingers into his ass to stretch it. I heard a horn in the parking lot and waited a few minutes before slapping Chris' ass once with my hand and leaving him alone in the room.

I went to the front door, ostensibly to bring in the newspaper, but really to let in my friend Peter. Pete was another leather-top and had some extra toys for me. He would let me borrow them only if I let him fuck my boytoy. I had readily agreed.

I told Chris it was time to continue his punishment, and to count his strokes aloud. I grabbed some earplugs and inserted them into Chris' ears. Then I placed a full leather hood over Chris' head, making sure that it was fastened tightly around his head. Between the restraints, the hood, the collar, the threat of resumed punishment, and the lube in his ass, Chris was getting hot to trot. I waited, motionless, off to the side of the bed, for Peter to start. He didn't disappoint me.

Peter took a paddle from his bag of toys and slapped Chris firmly on the ass. He continued in groups of ten, all the while Chris was counting. Peter was hitting more forcefully than I was, so I signalled him to stop after fifty strokes. I gently rubbed Chris' ass with my hands, and reached around to feel his cock. Still rock hard. I moved away and let Peter resume, slapping my boytoy's butt with the last fifty strokes.

Peter looked a question at me after he'd finished. Chris was moaning a little, his cock was hard, and he wasn't crying. I nodded at Peter, who then climbed on top of Chris and began fucking him. Chris probably had figured out it wasn't me on top of him, since Peter's cock is both shorter and fatter than mine. I moved around to Chris' face and stuck my own hard cock down his throat.

Peter and I team-fucked Chris fore and aft for about an hour, occasionally kissing each other and rubbing our nipples — or pinching Chris'. Suddenly Peter pulled out of Chris' ass, ripped off the condom, and came, shooting his load all over Chris' back. I pulled out of Chris' mouth and came all over his back too. Peter and I went to clean up, taking a quick shower together, leaving Chris tied to the bed, dripping with our cum.

Peter left, and I went to untie Chris. After removing the hood and earplugs, I asked him if he had enjoyed that scene. He assured me he did.

It was now around 3:30 in the afternoon, and Chris had to catch a 6pm bus back home. We showered together, washing each other, and cuddled for a while until it was time to get dressed. He dressed in the same loose sweatpants that he'd worn, without underwear, yesterday. Before he put on his other shirt, I wrote "Slutpuppy boy toy" on his chest with a heavy black marker. It showed slightly through the white cotton T he put on.

"Can we do this again some time, Sir," he asked me.

"I think that can be arranged," I smiled.

BOY-TOY is Copyright © 1996 by Joshua S. Simon. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead or events past or future is purely coincidental.