Business Trips

Chapter 1

All tied up... Here I lie. Helpless, immobile. Restrained; constrained from moving by the ropes that hold me in place. Waiting for my Master to return....

It started so innocently. We chatted over the computer nets and agreed to meet. I was in the neighborhood on business, so he met me at my hotel.

Right when I opened the door, I was in lust. Tall, muscular, dark hair, a hunk wearing tight jeans, a T-shirt that showed off his well-toned body to advantage, and mirrored sunglasses so I couldn't see his eyes. His hands were behind his back.

Without much ado, he entered my room. He dropped the small black gym bag he was carrying and we hugged. From the hug he forced me down onto my knees. He pulled a slave's collar out of his back jeans pocket and fastened it tightly around my throat. I was aware of its presence whenever I moved my head or swallowed, but it didn't constrict my breathing. The scent of the warm leather around my neck was very erotic.

Locking his hands behind my head, he had me suck his cock through his jeans. I could feel his cock growing slightly as he ground his crotch into my face. The sleeping monster was beginning to awaken. My own cock was rock-hard and throbbing in my own jeans.

He pulled me away from his cock and ordered me to strip him. His voice was soft yet commanding, and I knew better than to object. I crouched further down on the floor and untied his shoelaces, removing first his right shoe, then his left. While trying to remove his socks, he pressed his feet against my nose and mouth and I inhaled his scent. Once I'd removed his socks, I stroked my way up his strong muscular legs to reach his belt-buckle. I unfastened the belt, then the top jeans button. I slowly unzipped his 505's, rubbing against his cock as I did so. I reached around to his ass and slid his jeans down so they puddled around his ankles.

He kicked his jeans off. He wore red briefs that glowed nicely against his tanned skin. With me sitting back on my heels, he removed his t-shirt and tossed it behind him to join his other clothing on the floor. He stood before me wearing only those mirrored sunglasses and the bright red briefs.

He ordered me in his commanding voice to stand up. I did, and he commanded me to stand at ease. I spread my legs, clasped my hands behind my back, and stood waiting for his next command.

Slowly he circled my body, as if inspecting me for flaws. I was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and my sneakers. When he completed a circle around me, he went to pick up his black gym bag. He removed a blindfold from it and then walked back to me and put it on, tightly. I could see nothing through its tight black folds.

Suddenly he grabbed one arm and fastened what felt like a leather wrist restraint to it snugly and firmly. He then put one on my other arm. He commanded me to stand at ease again, so I returned my arms to the clasped position behind my back. Time passed.

There was a clicking sound as he did something to the restraints behind me. He had locked them together! Just as I was trying to figure out what to do next, he fastened a spreader bar between my ankles and locked it into place. I opened my mouth to protest, to inquire, to speak--and felt a cloth gag being forced into me to keep me silent.

"That's my workout jock," he told me. "I wear it every day when I'm at the gym working out. And I haven't washed it in three weeks, so it should be pretty funky with the sweat from my cock and balls soaked in." With those words he grabbed me and half-carried, half-dragged me to my bed. He rolled me onto my face, unclipped my arms, and then tied them to the head- posts of the bed. With my face turned to one side, I could breathe through the sweaty jockstrap, the scents of it mingling with the leather around my neck and wrists.

He removed the spreader bar and ripped my jeans and briefs off my body. He then tied each of my ankles to the foot-posts. He tied me, face-down, spread eagled to the hotel bed. My cock throbbed beneath me, and I squirmed to try to get comfortable. Once I'd got my cock wedged between my belly and the bed, pointing upwards to my chin, he tightened all the ropes so I couldn't move.

Can't move. Can't see. Can't call for help. Ass exposed. Balls exposed. Completely at his mercy.

He said, "I'm gonna go get a drink." I heard him picking up the room key from the desk and the door opening and closing again. Then nothing. I strained to hear if he was still in the room, but I couldn't tell.

Here I lie. Helpless, immobile. Restrained; constrained from moving by the ropes that hold me in place. Waiting for my Master to return....

Chapter 2

Here I lie. Helpless, immobile. Restrained; constrained from moving by the ropes that hold me in place. Waiting for my Master to return....

Suddenly there's a sharp cold sensation at the back of my neck. I jump slightly, feeling the jerk of leather and rope on my arms and legs. His voice, calm and soft and commanding, orders me to stay still. The sharp cold sensation pricks the collar of my shirt and slowly slides through the cotton fabric, along the skin of my back, until with a short ripping sound the hem parts. The knife then cuts slowly along my sleeves; first the left, then the right. I am now nude except for the blindfold, collar, and restraints. My cock is tall and hard and trapped between my stomach and the bed.

I feel him shifting around on the bed, moving towards my head. He removes the jockstrap he'd gagged me with and as I stretch my jaw muscles he places the head of his cock, limp again, up against my lips. I stick out my tongue to lick it. I lick the head all over, again and again, occasionally sticking the tip of my tongue into his piss-slit. His cock begins to fill out, though he never lets me do more than lick the head. Any time I try to get more of his cock into my mouth to suck on it, he pulls away.

After maybe five or ten minutes of teasing me with just his cockhead, he allows me to start sucking the shaft. At first he only lets me have an inch or two, but slowly he feeds me more and more of his dickmeat, until finally I am sucking his whole seven inches. His cock grows hard under my sucking, and his breathing becomes ragged. He stiffens and withdraws his dick from my mouth, leaving me gasping for air and for the taste of his cum.

He scratches his way down my back, running his fingernails lightly over the skin of my shoulder blades, my back and my spine, and finally my ass. He begins to knead my ass-cheeks like they were loaves of bread, rolling the muscles back and forth. Using one hand, he spreads my ass open and then I feel a shock as a cool goo is poured down my crack. With his fingers he rubs the lube around my puckering asshole, finally slipping one gooey finger inside me. Thrusting it deep in my ass he fingers my prostate, causing my dick to throb and begin leaking precum on my belly and the bedspread. When my ass stops trying to repel the invading finger, he adds a second, pistoning them in and out slowly, letting my ass get used to the fucking motion and the stretching sensations. He adds a third finger, and continues rubbing my back and ass and thighs with his other hand.

I start moaning, it feels so good. His fingers up my ass, lubing and stretching me... He removes his fingers suddenly, and I gasp at their absence. He lays his body on top of mine, his hard dick, still wet from my sucking it, lying along my asscrack. He begins to hump me, until the head of his cock finds its way to my ass, and as he thrusts down and I thrust up, he enters me. He doesn't withdraw although he does slow down when I gasp with the sudden sharp pain of his entry. When my ass stops spasming on his cock, he resumes his slow humping motions, eventually working all seven inches of his fat cock up my tight ass.

Grinding his wiry pubic hair against my stretched assring, he slowly starts fucking my ass. Pulling out until just the head of his cock remains in my ass, then slowly pushing back into my guts. Over and over, slowly picking up speed, until finally he is fucking my ass like it was the last sex he'd ever get. He rams my ass, his balls hanging low and slapping my thighs, piledriving his cock in and out of me. The fucking jabs my cock between the bed and my belly, and his rubbing on my prostate has me leaking enough goo to lube me up pretty well.

Faster and faster he fucks. I can feel his sweat dripping onto my back, puddling and running down my spine. I can smell his natural scent, making me hotter and hotter, driving me to extremes of pleasure. Between his scent, the feeling of his sweat dripping down my back, his cock fucking my ass, and my cock fucking into the bedspread it's almost too much. I can't hold back any more. Shouting, "I'm coming!" I let my load fly. My orgasm not only shoots my load of jism onto the bedspread beneath me, but as the waves of pleasure wash over me I clamp down hard on my ass. With a loud wordless shout he rams his cock as far into my ass as he can and I feel him start to shoot. After what seems like days of his cock expanding to shoot his load, he collapses atop my back.

Chapter 3

Sliding his wilting cock from my well-fucked ass, he lifts himself from my body. He unties my ankles and then my wrists, removing the ropes but leaving the leather on. I stretch my stiffened muscles and he rolls me onto my back. He removes my blindfold so I can see once more; the sight of his well-muscled form makes me hot for him all over again.

"What's this?" he asks, breaking my reverie. He points at the gooey mess I'd made with my orgasm.

"That's where I came when you were fucking me, Sir," I said.

"I didn't give you permission to cum. Clean it up."

"Yes Sir."

I start to get off the bed, and he asks, "Where the hell d'you think you're going? I said clean that up. No towels, no kleenex. Get rid of it." Still calm, still commanding, but no longer as soft-voiced as he was before he'd fucked me into the bed.

I move over to the damp cummy spot on the bed and begin eating my own jism. Salty, a little bitter, but creamy and cool after sitting there for several minutes. I lick up all my spooge, and he orders me to lie on my back.

He grabs my right wrist, the one closest to him, and ties it back to the bedpost. He reaches across me to tie my left wrist to the bed, leaving his right nipple vulnerable. Stretching my head upwards I lick it. He finishes tying the knot but allows me to nibble his pec for a few minutes. Then he shifts so I could lick and nibble his left nipple.

"So, you like sucking on things, eh? Suck on my balls for a while." He props himself above my face, so I can lift up and suck on his balls. I take first one then the other of his balls in my mouth and thoroughly lick and suck his testicles. I nibble on his ballsac, and lick around the base of his cock. He repositions himself so I can lick on the cord between his balls and his ass. His sweaty furry musk makes me horny again, as does sucking around his crotch. My dick starts getting hard again.

He swivels himself around so his ass is in my face. I continue licking and sucking and slurping as he lowers his crack closer to my tongue. Finally he simply sits back so that his asshole is over my mouth. He sits further back, forcing me to lick and rim his hot hole. It smells of his sexual scent and tastes clean, as if he made sure to wash himself out before coming by.

He leans forward, keeping his furry butt in my face, and I feel his hand grab ahold of my swollen cock. He begins slowly jacking me off as he grinds his butt into my face. I'm awash with goose bumps as he makes me rim him while he jacks my throbbing swollen cock.

After ten blissful minutes of eating him out, he pulls off my face and moves down towards the foot of the bed. He takes a condom and places it on the head of my cock, all the while jerking on the base. He lowers his face to my crotch and excrutiatingly slowly unrolls the condom down my cock using only his lips and teeth and tongue. He continues to suck me off through the thin latex, slobbering all over it and making it nice and slick.

He moves himself into a squatting position above my cock, and then, in one quick move, sits down on my cock forcing my six and a half inches all the way inside him. He rests his ass on my pubes and rocks back and forth. His cock is again long and hard and beginning to drip clear drops of precum onto my belly, where my own cum dried.

He begins rising and falling ever so slowly. I try to fuck his ass, clenching tightly around my cock, but he's tied me so tightly I can just barely rock my hips up and down. He continues fucking himself with my cock and jacking his own swollen cock off. He moves faster and faster, until with a loud gasp he shoots another huge load of jism all over my chest and face.

Between the fucking and the huge load he shot on me, I'm getting close to orgasm. My muscles are clenching, my breathing's gone ragged, I'm moaning and writhing uncontrollably. He asks, "Have I given you permission to cum yet, boy?" and lifts his ass off my throbbing cock. He rubs his load into my chest fur and beard, and has me lick his fingers clean. He removes the condom from my still-erect cock and goes to wash himself off.

Chapter 4

My cock throbs inside its latex sheath. My Master's cum is drying on my chest; I look like a freshly-iced cake. I can't move, tied spread-eagled to the bed. Again, I wait for him to return.

He lifts my head to put the blindfold back on. Now I can't see anything. I feel him fasten another strap behind my head... Suddenly a rubbery cock- shaped gag is placed in my mouth. I can nibble and chew and suck on the rubber gag, but I cannot spit it out; it's strapped in place and locked there.

I hear and feel him shifting around on the bed, moving towards my ass. I feel something cold being dribbled onto my butt, and feel his fingers working the lube into and around my asshole, still somewhat loose from his fucking me earlier. He works a finger in, then two, then three. Stretching and fingerfucking my tight hole.

More fun... He removes his fingers. I feel something else pressing against my ass, and I try to relax to let it in. My ass stretches wider and wider as he slowly inserts what seems to be a butt plug. Finally, my ass closes on the safety base, with what feels like a mile of rubber cock shoved into my ass, filling me.

A tickling sensation starts and grows stronger, starting deep in my ass. The butt plug! It's got a vibrator built into it, and he's turned it on!! The sensations from the vibrating plug are driving me crazy, and my cock's gotten rock-hard again. I'm screaming for release through the cock-gag, hoping my master will give me permission to cum before the sensation drives me insane.

"Hm. Looks like you like that. Maybe I should turn this up to High." And he does, and the vibrations increase. The buzzing sound is louder now, loud enough to wake any neighbors who might be asleep, I think. The sensations get fiercer as he jiggles the butt plug in my ass, moving it around ever so slightly, pressing it harder against my prostrate.

My cock is drooling precum, and I can feel it, both hot and cold on my cockhead, feel it dripping down my swollen shaft. Moaning into the gag, I hope he'll allow me to cum again... The feeling of the vibrating butt plug fucking my ass with that cock-shaped gag in my mouth is driving me wild!

"Okay, boy, you can come whenever you like." The bed shifts, and in the distance I think I hear the door close. He's left me alone! I'm tied, immobile, unable to see, unable to speak, unable to do anything about my throbbing cock, aching for its release....

Suddenly I feel a hand, his hand, greasy with lube, clench tightly on the shaft of my cock and begin quickly jerking me off! In only three strokes of his hand, I'm shooting think strings of pearly white jism all over my face and chest. It's one of my most powerful orgasms, and it seems to last for hours and hours. I try to catch my breath through the cock-gag, but I can't. The buzzing and vibrating in my ass, up against my prostrate, doesn't cease. I'm coming again! I can't believe it!

I shoot load after load of hot cum out of my balls until finally I've got no sperm left to shoot in my body. He turns off the vibrator but leaves the plug in my ass, and removes the gag from my mouth so I can try to regain control of my breathing, of my heart rate, of myself.

"Nice, boy," he says. "It's been a long time since I saw someone shoot that much goo. Almost a cupful, looks like."

"Thank you, Sir," I respond. He unties the ropes from the restraints, leaving the leather wrapped around my ankles and wrists and neck. He removes the blindfold so I can see again, and I look down over my cum-covered, sweaty body. Sure enough, there's about a cupful of white jism puddled all over my chest and belly, and more goo is drying on my face.

He tosses me a towel and says, "Clean yourself off. No showering." I towel the cum off of my face, my chest, my belly. I wipe the lube off of my drooping dick, and off of my ass. He orders me, "Leave that plug in, boy." I leave the plug deep in my ass, and clean the excess lube off around it.

He unbuckles and removes my ankle and wrist restraints. "Leave the collar on, boy. You may have that business meeting tomorrow, but if you take off the collar or that butt plug you're going to wish you were never born."

The meeting! Good gravy, I had a business dinner scheduled for 7 that evening, and it was 6:30 now!

Chapter 5

Luckily, the meeting with Bill was just downstairs. I managed to make myself presentable, get dressed in the suit and tie (with the collar showing underneath my shirt-front), and get downstairs almost in time. I was about five minutes late.

We shook hands. "Nice to see you again, Bill. Sorry I'm late, but I was kind of tied up upstairs."

"That's okay, Todd, I understand. What's that you're wearing?"

I blushed slightly and replied, "Oh just a leather collar. A gift from an old friend of mine. He, uh, insisted I wear it tonight."

"And you said you were `tied up,' huh? I suppose I'm glad you're not more than five minutes late." He laughed, and we turned the conversation over to the business at hand.

We ordered, and ate, and discussed the plans for my company to train his users, since his company had just bought a ton of our equipment. We agreed on a schedule and payment plans just as we finished our coffee.

"Thanks for a great meal, Todd. I suppose I shouldn't keep you, if your friend's still upstairs." Bill smirked.

I laughed and said, "Yeah, he'd probably want me to come back as soon as possible. Take care, and I'll call you next week to confirm the training schedules." We shook hands, and he left the restaurant.

I finished my coffee and signed the bill. I left, heading towards the double bank of elevators. I didn't notice the two men who followed me out--not at first, anyhow. One was about 6'3, 200 pounds, well-built, with light brown hair; the other was about 5'9, 175 pounds, nicely- proportioned, and with short curly dark hair. The taller one stopped at the cashier's to pay their bill, and the other followed me to the elevators.

When an elevator arrived, he and I got in, and his friend hurried up to catch it. The doors closed, leaving the three of us in the elevator. The two started chatting softly to each other about the meal, and pushed the button for the fifteenth floor. I pressed the button for the fourteenth, since that's where my room was. 1426.

The elevator stopped on the fourteenth floor and I got out. I barely noticed that the two guys had followed me out onto the floor, but shrugged it off as their fault for getting off on 14 not 15. As I got to my door and put in the key, they were just walking behind me. As I opened the door, they pushed their way into the room. The taller one held me tightly as I twisted and struggled, while the shorter one locked the door behind us.

Suddenly my Master's voice commanded, "Stop struggling. And strip, all three of you."

Shocked into stopping, I froze while the two studs stripped me naked except for the collar and the butt plug, now uncomfortably filling me. After they had stripped me, they undressed themselves. Once nude, they each grabbed an arm and dragged me over towards the bed.

Chapter 6

My master had been busy while I was out at dinner. A leather sling hung from the ceiling near the bed. The two studs drag me towards it, and my master hands me into it. He fastens me into the sling and adjusts it such that my face and my ass are at crotch-height. Again he tightens all the fastenings so that I can barely move. My master goes to one of the two lounge chairs in the room and sits down, watching me in the sling.

The two studs move towards me purposefully. The taller one grabs the back of my head and shoves his crotch into my face. "Suck it, boy," he orders. I have no choice; I start sucking this stranger's cock as my master watches.

Meanwhile, the shorter stud has moved behind me. I feel him slap my ass a couple of times per cheek. He grabs the base of the butt plug and tugs it free from my ass. He spits twice; I feel one warm strand of his drool running down my ass crack and hear the squishy sounds of him lubing up his own cock. He pokes the latex-covered head against my still-dilated manpussy and with a single powerful thrust of his muscled thighs sheathes his sword in me.

The relentless in and out fucking in my ass rocks me in the sling. I suck harder on the tall stud's cock as it thickens and grows, stretching my jaw and throat. He begins fucking me in concert with his friend, the two of them synchronizing their movements so each can get the maximum penetration in my face and my ass.

My own cock is hard again from the sex as well as the fear. I don't know these two guys, I've never seen them before, I don't know their names; yet here they are fucking me, with me immobilized in a sling and my Master sitting across the room, watching me.

I don't know how long it takes, but the two studs are moaning and groaning now. The one in my ass suddenly pulls out, rips off his condom, and shoots his load all over my butt and back. This sets off my mouth- fucker who pulls his dick free with a loud Pop! and sprays his load over my face and into my hair. Cum is dripping off of my face and off of my ass.

The two move around me. The taller one kneels behind me and starts sucking up all traces of his friend's load. He licks the jizz off my back and my butt and starts rimming me to get the last traces of his buddy's cum. And the shorter one is wiping up the cum from my face and neck and slurping it off his fingers. He bends down and kisses me, tonguing me deeply and I can taste the remnants of the mouth-fucker's load in his mouth.

And still my master watches, saying nothing.

The stud behind me continues licking up any spilled cum, and is sucking on my balls. The stud in front of me stands up and offers me his cock to clean off. I start sucking his limp cock, trying to get all the cum from around the head and shaft. I feel him swelling in my mouth. He starts rocking his hips and fucking my face.

The stud behind me stops sucking my balls and rolls a condom onto his again-stiff cock. He begins fucking my ass, and if I hadn't have just seen and felt and tasted his load I would've thought he'd not had sex in months. He reaches around to grab my cock and gives me a couple of jerks until my Master finally growls. He stops jacking my ripe cock and continues to fuck me. Once again, I'm fucked at both ends, filled mouth and ass by studs I don't know.

Time passes while I'm double-fucked. Without warning, the shorter stud in front of me pulls out and shoots his load over my head and onto my back. The stud behind me speeds up to join his friend and pulls out to shoot his load onto my back as well.

Each of them wipes his cock on me--one on my cheek, one on my butt--and then walks away. They've said nothing so far; other than their murmured conversation on the elevator I've not heard them verbalize at all. They get dressed, as their cum dries on my back. They head towards the door and then turn back to face my Master.

"Thank you," the tall one says.

"You've got a good slave there," the short one comments.

They walk out the door. Only then does my Master get up to lock it behind them and head back to me. He gives his cock a couple of sharp yanks and shoots his own load onto my back, mixing it with the loads the studs left. He rubs the three loads of cum all over my back and watches it dry. He then reaches underneath me to grasp my own throbbing prick.

"You may cum, boy." He jerks on my cock then kneels and works his way underneath me. I feel his hot breath on my cock and then a warm moistness around my cockhead. He starts running his mouth along my cock, fucking his mouth onto my swollen throbbing dick. It doesn't take me more than a dozen strokes until I shout, "I'm coming!" I spray my third load of the night into my Master's throat, and he swallows every last drop, milking my cock until there's nothing more to give.

He removes me from the sling and lets me stretch my cramping muscles. He removes the leather collar from my neck. He commands, "Take a shower and get all that cum off of yourself. Go clean up."

I go into the bathroom, closing but not latching the door behind me. I turn on the shower and step in when the water's hot but not scalding. I clean myself from head to toe--shampoo and conditioner, soap and moisturizer--paying special attention to my cock and balls and asshole. I make sure all the dried cum is scrubbed away, leaving me fresh for my Master.

I turn off the shower and dry myself off. I open the bathroom door to darkness. Looking around, the sling is gone. The toys are gone. He's gone. The only proof that it happened, apart from my sore and stretched muscles, are the condom wrappers in the trash can and a leather collar resting on the bedside table. And some damp spots on the floor and bedsheet.

BUSINESS TRIPS is Copyright © 1995 by Joshua S. Simon. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead or events past or future is purely coincidental.