Daddy Weaves a Fantasy

The fantasy begins inside a large dark room, warm and empty, except for a round rug and a kneeling figure in the center of a circle of bright white light. A throbbing beat of music is faintly felt. The rug is a deep shag type, so white and soft as to be compared to the pure white fallen snow of the first day of winter. The rug the figure kneels upon acts as both a cushion for it's knees and as a frame, like that of a picture, that both surround and enhance the artistic creation within. The figure, except for wearing a leather blindfold, a pair of boots and some very sensuous bondage, is as nude and inspiring as a Grecian god, sculpted from the finest Italian marble and now unveiled for the first time. And how so much like a statue, it shows only the faintest of movement. The blink of an eye, the subtle flex of a muscle or the shallow movement of the chest with every small rhythmic breath it takes, all suggesting that this seductively posed boy-man figure is alive. The figure is YOU.....

Your pose is truly an arousing sight. For, while in a kneeling position, your booted feet together, knees wide apart, your tight pale white ass upon your heels, your muscular swimmers-build torso bent slightly forward at the waist, your head and eyes cast downward, you set the standard for a properly submissive boy-man waiting for his Daddy's attention. And as a submissive Son, you are dressed and bound for the part.

Upon your feet are a pair of boots. But, these are no ordinary boots. They are restrictive, form fitting, combat boots, shining with the gloss of patent leather, and tightly laced. You are wearing a padded leather strap across your eyes; it is from past experience that you have learned that sometimes not seeing what is going to happen intensifies your pleasure. Your hands are encased in tight, tan leather driver gloves that allow only a minimum of finger movement. But then, how could you move them in the first place, as they have been brought behind your back and tied.

Two straps of leather is all that is needed to turn your two arms into one. One strap is wrapped several times around your wrists and buckled, your palms facing each other. The other strap encircles your elbows, bringing them nearly together and also tightly buckled. This elbow strap alone pulls your shoulders back and thrusts out your chest, thus causing your exquisitely formed, soft, supple boy-man chest to be wantonly exhibited for loving and stimulating caresses by your Daddy. Around your chest is third strap, snuggled up into your armpits, attaching to the elbow tie. Every movement of your chest raises the bondage of your arms, causing your chest to trust out even further.

There is one final strap, a rope really, this one of woven leather, that spans your body; a "stimulus rope" that embodies the very essence of your voluntary submission and bondage for Daddy. It begins with one end attached behind you, to the strap that already secures your lower arms to the small of your back. The other end is brought down, between the tight, smooth, yet soft creamy globes of your untanned ass, where it passes through a ring attached to a buttplug. The stimulus rope continues on between your legs, up to where your balls have been inserted within the braiding, pulling them away from your crotch, proudly showing their size, and the promise of the boy-man cum within. The stimulus rope also loops in the manner of a cock-ring around your throbbing erect slim long cock, forcing it to remain hard, with it's veins, cum-tube and head prominent. The rope then continues upwards, where the chest strap is also braided within.

Finally, the rope ends at your neck to a collar. All the slack in this stimulus rope has been gently, yet tightly removed. The collar is wide, thick tan leather, stained with your boy-man sweat, and a shiny metallic ring in front. It is buckled snugly behind the back of your neck and latched into permanency with a stainless steel padlock and you know who possesses the only key. This collar denotes your willingness to accept whatever your Daddy has planned for pleasure...

Your position, along with the bondage and the stimulus tie, makes every deep breath you take, and every little muscular twitch you make, an action that simulates the touch and actions of your Daddy upon your most private and gratifying masculine organs of erotic pleasure. Daddy has provided well for his Son's pleasure: every breath, every muscle twitch has a reaction on your body. Your cock is squeezed, your balls are pulled, and the buttplug retracts then slips back inside your tight ass...

You sense a presence in the room. You know not who for sure, for the darkness in the room, your bondage, and the blindfold keeps you from seeing who or what this presence is. You twitch in excitement as you are momentarily startled from being grabbed from behind by your shoulders with gloved hands. Your twitch is amplified in your tight ass and upon your balls and cock...

Hands? The HANDS! That's it, the hands are the clue! Though they are covered by rough, flexible leather gloves, you can still make out the general largeness of the hand within, with their strong, blunt digits, the rough yet gentle caress, all telling you that this person is "Male", that he is DOMINANT!

You become even more aroused, as the gloved hands progress from massaging away the stiffness in your shoulders and neck to reaching around and flowing across your chest with their flat leather palms and outstretched fingers making as much contact with your soft smooth flesh as possible. Your eyes softly close and head slowly tilt back as you concentrate your total awareness on having your strong pectorals caressed. Your breathing has become stronger and deeper. Soft and passionate moans begin to emerge from the very depths of your being as the hands gently embrace and cup your boy-man pecs and then tenderly fondles and cuddles them until you are but a single step from the promised land.

Now you know who this is, for you have been in this situation before. This unique style that you hunger for is only performed on you just before some special event is to occur and only by your Daddy. But what is this special event to that Daddy has planned?

Your nipples, so hard and distended now, have caught the attention of Daddy. While Daddy continues to soothingly manipulate your chest, he leisurely traps your nipples between the thumb and index finger of his hands. And with the experience and expertise of a master in erotic awakening, your nipples are gently rolled and drawn, to and from your body, slowly at first and then faster and stronger, until, unconsciously, your body begins to rock in tune with the systematic manipulation of your breasts and nipples and the beat of the music.

Your body's gyrations raise you to an even higher level of sexual arousal as they cause your crotch ropes to repeatedly move the buttplug and squeeze your balls, and cause your swollen sensitive boy-manhood to flop and twitch. These ropes, now saturated with the nectar of your sweet boy-man sweat, carry you to the very threshold of erotic nirvana. The climax of this orchestrated finale has come with your pecs being mercilessly squeezed and pulled by Daddy, and your nipples mercilessly pinched! This propels you across the restrained reality of your senses to the boundless inner realm of mindless passionate emotions.

Your bound body begins to contort in uncontrollable fits of wrenching and heaving... A loud, gut wrenching, animal-like moan emanates from you as you start the ride to a cumming of total ecstasy, your every involuntary movement stimulating you higher and higher till you release that creamy, sweet milk of boy-man, spurting it across the room...

Daddy slowly drags his hands back up and over your body, across your chest and off your shoulders, removing the blindfold. You are totally exhausted as you try to regain your breath and composure. Your breathing has now become quieter, softer and more rhythmic. Your body seems less strained and more relaxed, at least as much as your bondage would allow. And as your strength returns, you again become aware of your surroundings. You slowly open your eyes and continue to blink briskly as you wake from a slumber-like trance. But, what is this? You vaguely see that Daddy has moved in front of you, holding something in his hands. Although you cannot make out what is is, you know, from a gut feeling that you've seen it before...

Your eyes fly wide open and your breathing becomes sharp and fast as you stare in absolute ecstacy... You are both surprised and excited, but not out of fear, but of joy!

You vigorously shake your head in disbelief as you watch Daddy slowly sets up the sling you saw him bring home just the other day. You tremble in anticipation as Daddy fastens a latch from the end of a leash to the ring of your collar. Daddy tugs the leash once, a signal for you to stand. But your stiff leg muscles, bound arms and unyielding crotch rope hamper any quick response. He watches with patience and understanding as you slowly rise from your kneeling position and gradually steady yourself. Again, Daddy tugs the leash, signalling you to follow his as he leads you from out of the light towards the sling...

You trembled in anticipation as Daddy fastened a latch from the end of a leash to the ring of your collar. Daddy tugged the leash once, a signal for you to stand. But your stiff leg muscles, bound arms and unyielding crotch rope hampered any quick response. He watched with patience and understanding as you slowly rose from your kneeling position and gradually steady yourself. Again, Daddy tugged the leash, signalling you to follow his as he led you from out of the light towards the sling...

From four eyehooks bolted into the ceiling beams, the sling hangs just eighteen inches from the floor. Another soft white rugs lies beneath the sling.

You are dizzy with excitement and your tremendous cumm from just before, and you find Daddy removing every thing from you, leaving only the collar. Daddy tells you: " Get in. This is going to be your home for a little while, and I want you to be comfortable."

You do as you were told, your body heat quickly warming up the cold leather and it begins to mold itself to your back. Looking up, you can still see Daddy standing over you, seemingly even taller now that you are so close to the floor.

You notice that Daddy has more things in his gloved hands: He has a pair of fleece-lined restraints and another set of leather straps. Attaching the restraints to your ankles, Daddy uses the new straps to elevate your legs and leave your ass hanging in the air, still supported by the sling and with enough "play" to leave your knees slightly bent.

Again, Daddy is holding something in his hands, this time, several lengths of rawhide about a quarter of an inch in diameter. Daddy moves around towards your shoulders and pulls your arms up above your head, tying each wrist with one of the lines. The lines are then strung out to their full length of six feet or so and secured to another set of eyehooks bolted into the wall behind you, stretching your arms straight out over your head and leaving your body totally exposed and available. He turns the collar on your neck, and fastens it to a leash attached to the ceiling, so that your head is supported.

Slowly, Daddy removes his chaps, his boots and his Levis, and kneels down on the rug, right at your willing hot asshole.

Daddy's hands move to your erect nipples and he slowly begins to flick his finger back and forth, making them harder and harder. Leaning back for a moment, as if to admire his handiwork, he puts puts on a leather cockring, one that squeezes his balls, and forces them up tight against his hard cock. Fumbling around on the floor, Daddy finds his Levis, and gets out a pair of tit clamps connected by a thin leather strap and attaches them to you one at a time. Your cock is throbbing and flops up against your stomach.

Watching Daddy above you, moving silently, removing your mobility and even your will to move turns you on, pushing all the buttons on your console. Taking another piece of leather, Daddy begins to wrap it around your cock and balls a few times and then proceeding to finish by wrapping your balls by themselves. Each loop of the strap squeezes your balls another quarter inch, pushing your balls further and further away from your body. Daddy looks down at you. He knows you are ready now.

Daddy lifts a hand and starts caressing your balls with the tips of his gloved fingers. Every touch of the rough leather shoots a spasm of pleasure through your already-sensitive balls.

As he moves his hand higher he finally rests his palm on your bound up cock and balls - and starts to press down, slowly at first but with more and more pressure. The slightest movement from side to side shoots incredible pleasure through your body, and the more pleasure you feel, the louder you moan, and you can tell by the look on his face that you are pleasing him.

Daddy kneels closer to your ass, and you feel his hands examine the area surrounding your asshole. Those hands, stroking you, are putting you through the roof, and you feel something cool and slippery being applied, but as you look up, you see Daddy doesn't have to watch what he's doing with his hand; he's looking at your face. Your expression tells him more about how your doing than any words. He greases up a dildo, not a large one, and starts to press it against your eager hole. You start to sway back a little; with the rubber cock in one hand, he grabs your tied-up balls with the other and steadies you. You're not going anywhere.

Your ass opens up and the six inches of rubber slides up your ass like it was meant to be there. A little back-and-forth motion and you want it. You Want It. YOU WANT IT. You want Daddy in you, physically, emotionally, the whole works....

DADDY WEAVES A FANTASY is Copyright © 1991 by Daddy John, who posted it to a gay BBS' Leather Room as message-id 308 on Jul07/91. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead or events past or future is purely coincidental.