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The links referenced in this section are pornographic in nature. If you are a minor (in the US, this means if you are under eighteen (18) years of age; other countries may enforce their own definitions of "minor"), or if pornographic or erotic stories involving consensual and nonconsensual sex between two or more men is offensive, do not continue.

Continuing by selecting any of the links in this section means that you (a) are not a minor, (b) desire to view pornographic and/or erotic material, and (c) are not viewing this material in the capacity of a law enforcement officer or official. Furthermore, following any of the links in this section means that you voluntarily give up all rights and redresses for any harm, physical or emotional or psychological, real or imagined, you may or may not suffer from viewing or reading the material.

All copyrights of the material referenced herein revert to the appropriate owners. No intent is made to claim others' works as belonging to the owner(s) or maintainer(s) of this page. Works identified as being written by Josh Simon are the only ones claimed as his own.

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