My First Time

I first met Steve on a local bulletin board a friend of mine told me about. This local BBS had a gay section, and while I was browsing it I started chatting with Steve.

Steve was older — I was 19, he was in his 30s — and had a house outside of town. He'd occasionally throw parties for the gay section readers, and he invited me to the October one. I'd never really met gay people before, and even though I really wanted to have sex with another guy I was nervous. Very nervous.

Well, I didn't need to be nervous. The party was full of friendly folks, of all ages (17 through 45 or 50), of both genders, and I felt really comfortable, as if I'd known these people for years.

Maybe the hot tub helped. Steve had a hot tub in his house, overlooking the living room. A bunch of us rotated in and out of the tub all night, just chatting and exchanging friendly back rubs and so on.

Towards 10 or 11, the party thinned out. The remaining folks were Steve, me (since Steve had picked me up from my dorm), and a married bisexual couple. They cuddled on the couch watching television; we cuddled in the hot tub watching the same television.

After a while, he turned to me and kissed me. Finally! I'd waited for years (I knew I was gay when I was twelve) to kiss another man, and it was worth the wait! We battled with our tongues and melted together in the warm bubbling waters of his hot tub.

The couple left around 11:30 or so, leaving Steve and me alone. We both got out of the tub to dry off and to escort them out, and hugged our goodbyes to them. Once they had gone, we adjourned to the bedroom.

We continued where we left off: Kissing, cuddling, rubbing our bodies against each other. I was eager to taste my first cock, so I kissed my way down his muscular body, paying particular attention to his nipples and his supersensitive belly-button. When I reached his cock, it was fully erect and about 5 or 6 inches long.

Just in time... I took my tongue and licked up and down the shaft, top to bottom, until it was glistening with my spit. I then popped his cock all the way into my mouth and started sucking. I played with the tip of his cock, sticking my tongue into his pee-slit, and licking all over his sensitive cock head.

"You say you've never done this before?" he asked, with incredulity present in his tone.

"Never," I replied, taking his cock out of my mouth just long enough to answer him.

He rolled on top of me into a 69 and started sucking my own throbbing cock. Supporting himself on his left hand, he used his right to play with my balls and rub the lower part of my shaft. The pleasure was so intense I had to stop sucking him after a while; I'd never had my cock sucked before then, either!

After no more than five wonderful minutes, I started moaning and thrashing on the bed. He sucked harder and faster until, with a loud shout, I emptied my balls into his eager mouth. He sucked up every drop and continued to rub my belly and legs with his free hand.

He rolled off of me, and let me catch my breath. I was too dazed to do much of anything, so he grabbed his cock and started beating off above my face. I wanted to taste him too, so I leaned up and started sucking his cock again. No sooner had I started sucking than he filled my mouth with his pungent cum. Bitter, but not bad.

We rolled over on his waterbed and cuddled up under the single sheet. I felt so warm and safe and secure in Steve's arms I drifted off to sleep.

MY FIRST TIME is Copyright © 1995 by Joshua S. Simon. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead or events past or future is purely coincidental.