Today's story is about Jack and Greg. As we lead in to our story, Jack and Greg are performing halftime activities on the football field....

...Under the bright lights, the sweat glistened on both their naked, aroused bodies. Jack's prick stood out from his body like a huge poker. It was as hard as one and that was how he intended to use it. The tight cock-ring was causing his cockhead to go purple; his balls hugged the base of his enraged manroot. Greg was on his knees with his cheeks spread, hands pulling his buns apart and making a begging offer of the pink-rimmed puckering hole which was now well visible in the hairy cleavage.

Now Jack was on his knees behind Greg. With a generous handfull of Crisco he first lubed Greg's ass inside and out and then his own massive erection. Then without delay, he centered the huge knob on Greg's waiting pucker and lunged, plunging his arm-thick shaft up to its root into the waiting sheath. Greg's groan left no doubt that he felt the full measure of the living sword. That he wanted it, enjoyed it, yes, craved it, there was no doubt.

Not content with such an overflowing ass-full of live meat, Greg reached around for Jack's hand and guided it to his own swollen member. Jack needed no second invitation to grasp Greg's prick in his big, sweaty hand and begin to stroke it very purposefully. Back and forth, back and forth the hand moved the skin sheath, first banging into the hairy base and then making the huge head disappear within the fist.

Greg's balls were now drawn tightly against his prickroot. The incessant stroking of Jack's hand on his prick and the piston action of his prick in his ass left no question that Greg was going to cum. Perhaps cum was too mild a word for what happened.

With several deep gaspings for breath, Greg's cock exploded with massive jets of hot jism wich would not quit. Still Jack kept up the relentless pumping, now adding cum to the previous lubricants of Crisco and sweat; still Greg's prickhead spouted the pearly gobs although now the spurts began to l lessen.

Finally, Jack withdrew his hand from the cock, gripped Greg's waist, and began a long, massive pounding of his prick into the other's ass, each assault driving the shaft in up to the root. Even with his ass receiving such a battering, Greg was quick to move a free hand to his reddened root to finish milking the last, sweet drops of delight from their source.

With one final mighty lunge, Jack came in the depths of Greg's ass. Almost majestically, he continued the thrusting motions to now drain his own organ within the grasp of the cum-slickened sheath. Gobs of spent cum, liberated by the stroking action lodged in his prick-hair and began oozing over his balls.

FOOTBALLERS is Copyright © 1993 by an unknown author and posted to Usenet on or around May31/93. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead or events past or future is purely coincidental.