Grocery Store Fantasy

I ran into him in the vegetable aisle. I was getting garlic and tomatoes to make bruschetta; he was getting fruit from the next stand. He caught my eye right away: 6'2", about 180-190 pounds, blond hair, clean shaven, not too pretty. He wore a black leather motorcycle jacket over a sweatshirt and well-faded bluejeans with black workboots.

I ran into him again while I was getting some canned goods. I smiled, he smiled back, and we struck up a conversation.

"Hi. I'm John. Do you see the cream of celery soup anywhere in this mess?"

He helped me look, found it first, and handed me a can. I felt an electric spark when his hand touched me, and my knees wobbled a little

"You okay," he asked.

"Fine. Just... Oh, hell. You turn me on something fierce." He began blushing a little, but kept smiling. "I wanna follow you back to your place and lick you all over. Would you mind terribly?"

"Not at all. I live just around the corner. Let's go."

We checked out and I followed him back to his place. We went into his condo and he ordered me to strip. I did. He locked a black leather collar around my neck, forced me onto all fours, and ordered me, "Start licking my boots, boy."

I was in heaven, servicing the worn leather boots of this hot blond stud. After working on 'em for what felt like hours, he ordered me to strip him. I did, slowly, relishing the feeling of removing his boots, the feel of his muscular frame as I pulled his jeans and sweatshirt off. He pulled away and headed off to his bedroom, saying "Follow me, boy."

In his bedroom, he pulled me to my feet, kissed me deeply, and told me to start licking him. I started with one ear, licking and tonguing it, moving slowly down his jaw, nibbling his chin and feeling his stubble scratch my tongue. I moved up to his other ear, giving it the same treatment, and then worked down to his neck, licking and sucking gently so as not to raise any hickies.

I worked around his neck, then down to his nipples, nibbling and using my teeth a little. From his moans I could tell he was enjoying it. I worked between his tits, moving from side to side, and occasionally slurping in his armpit, for about twenty or thirty minutes. I lowly licked my way down his well-muscled chest and teased his belly-button with my tongue. I moved back down to his feet, sucking each toe and working up his strong legs towards his crotch.

Suddenly he pulled away, and I fell onto the floor. He jumped behind me and tied me securely into a hog-tie position, lifted me onto the bed, and stuck his ass in my face. I started licking and slurping, rimming his hole for another half hour or so, feeling his hard cock throbbing on my chest and my cock oozing precum onto my belly. He scooted up a bit and placed his cock against my lips. I opened wide and he started fucking my face, slowly at first, then harder and harder, his balls slapping on my nose as he stuffed my throat full.

Breathing heavily he grunted, pulled out of my mouth with a popping sound, and with two or three strokes he shot his hot load of sticky cum all over my face and chest. He reached over and only had to stroke my cock once and I was cumming all over myself with a huge orgasm.

He untied me, wiped my face and chest with my t-shirt, told me to beat it, and went to shower. I dressed and headed back to the grocery store, treasuring the memory of the blond stud and our afternoon encounter.

GROCERY STORE FANTASY is Copyright © 1997 by Joshua S. Simon. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead or events past or future is purely coincidental.