First Day of School

Joey was slowly unpacking his junk. His dad had just helped him to move into his room that he would be sharing with another guy for the school year.

The guy on the reception desk had told Joey that he would be sharing with a new guy to the school by the name of Sandy.

Both Joey and Sandy were in their second year and both majoring in math and physics.

Suddenly the door flew open with a bang. Joey looked up and saw an absolute Greek God struggling thru the door with two suitcases and a large cardboard box.

"Hi!!, I'm Sandy, I guess we're room-mates for the year."

"Hi, I'm Joey, 'guess we are."

The two guys looked each other up and down. Joey's eyes rested on Sandy's basket, Sandy sure had what seemed to be a real mouthful. His grey track pants outlined a massive cock, and Joey was aching to get his hands on it.

Sandy gave Joey the once over, and had to admire Joey's beautiful chest. Joey was only wearing a pair of gym shorts and was into weights in a big way. He had developed a beautiful chest, with just a whisper of hair, and had a rippling flat stomach. A trace of hair could be seen trickling down from Joey's navel and disapearring into his shorts.

"Boy, I have to find out where that hair leads to," Sandy said to himself," just wait 'til I get you into bed..."

Sandy dropped his suitcases and put the cardboard box on the bed closest to the door. "O.K. if I take this oneJoey?"

"Sure Sandy, I prefer to be by the window." Joey stuck out his hand, "Sure glad we're room-mates Sandy. I'm sure we'll get on really well together."

Sandy grabbed the outstreached hand, "I'm sure we will, Joey, I think we have a lot in common."

Sandy closed the door and then pulled his T-shirt over his head. He tossed it on the shelf in the cupboard. "Shit, I'm hot, hope I can find my shorts. I have to get into something cooler."

Sandy had a beautiful muscular chest and two powerful arms. He obviously worked out a lot and took good care of his body. With that, Sandy kicked his sneakers under the bed and started to undo the drawstring on his track pants. "This fucking string always gets in a knot and it's a real pain the ass especially if your in the shitter trying to take a crap."

"Here," said Joey, "I'll help you get the knot undone."

Joey dropped to his knees in front of Sandy and started to fumble with the cord of the big guy's track pants. Joey quickly got the knot untied and started to run his hands around Sandy's waist.

"There that seems to be a little better..."

"It sure is," said Sandy.

Joey got the impression that he could go a little further, so he slowly started to slide Sandy's track pants down over his slim hips. Sandy didn't say anything, but reached down and fondled Joey's curly hair.

By this time, Joey had Sandy's track pants down around his ankles and Sandy was left standing in his tight white under shorts. Sandy's big cock was still soft and lying along the bottom of his shorts, pointing towards the right.

Joey slowly pulled Sandy's pants down over his right foot as Sandy lifted his foot so that Joey could get it off. Joey then did the same thing with the left leg. Joey was still on his knees in front of Sandy. His mouth was right in line with Sandy's still soft cock, but Joey was getting hard and horny. Slowly, Joey ran his hand up Sandy's left leg. When he reached the pouch containing Sandy's balls he carefully cupped the them with the palm of his left hand and slowly ran his lips along the outline of Sandy's cock as it showed thru his very sheer shorts.

The once limp rod quickly started to grow. It quickly reached full erection in a vertical position, pointing up to Sandy's navel. It was so long that the knob popped thru the top elastic waist band.

Joey was really turned on and started lapping at the knob that was peeking out at him, while slowly running his hands down the back of the waistband and massaging Sandy's tight buns. Joey slowly pushed the tight white undershorts down, freeing the proud eight inch bone.

Sandy had both of his hands behind Joey's head and was anxious for Joey to get the shorts pushed all the way down. Finally the underwear ended up on the floor and Joey grabbed Sandy's stiff cock and stuffed it in his mouth.

Sandy's cock was a real mouthful, beautifully circumsized and well veined. Joey could barely get his mouth around it, and it was so long that he was gagging on it. He kept his right hand wrapped around it, giving Sandy a hand job on part of his shaft while swallowing the knob.

Sandy's urged him on, gently pushing on the back of Joey's head with both of his hands. "Take it all baby...ooohhh, that feels terrific...."

This action went on for about five minutes or so, then Sandy told Joey to take his hand off of his cock, and just suck it. Joey quickly obeyed, and Sandy started to exert a little more pressure on the back of Joey's head. Sandy's cock was right down to the back of Joey's throat and he started to gag.

"Just a second," said Sandy, "I've got something that will help." Keeping his cock in Joey's mouth, Sandy bent over and retrieved his pants. Searching thru the pockets, he finally found a bottle of poppers. "Here Joey, try some of these."

Joey took a deep snort up each nostril. Then Sandy did the same.

"O.K. Joey, now I want you to take my cock all the way down. Just like a sword swallower."

Joey's eye widened, but he kept Sandy's cock in his mouth.

"Don't worry, Joey, you can do it. It's all a matter of relaxing. Now breath thru your nose, just relax, and let me do all the work." Sandy was pumping slowly. At the end of each stroke he would exert a little pressure on the back of Joey's throat. When Joey got used to that and could take it without gagging, Sandy started shorter strokes, not backing off as much, while at the same time pressing the back of Joey's head firmly onto that beautiful stiff rod.

Sandy stood up on his toes, which changed the angle of his cock ever so slightly, and giving a firm push, finally got his hot rod to slide down Joey's throat. All the way until Sandy's loose bag was resting on Joey's chin. Joey started to gag, but Sandy didn't back off. He held his weapon deep in Joey's throat until Joey was able to relax.

Sandy was in heaven, and slowly started to pump back and forth ever so slightly. Within 30 seconds, he blew his load, and Joey was able to take it.

Tears were streaming down Joey's cheeks as he struggled to relax. He really wanted to give this God the best blow job ever....

After what seemed to be an eternity, Sandy slowly withdrew his cock, and Joey licked the remaining cum from the now limp knob.

"Shit!!!" said Sandy," that's the best head I've ever had. You are great Joey. I think we are going to have a great year together."

Joey leaned back against the bed, smiling, "Yeah, Sandy, I think that it going to be a terrific year. How about we go down and grab a beer."

"Great idea Joey, but first, I think I'd better get some pants on."

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL is Copyright © 1990 by Bill Clarke and was posted to the Usenet news group as message-ID <> on Jul19/90. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead or events past or future is purely coincidental.