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The Class field indicates which of the five major classes the document belongs in. It can be one of the following:

Client or Technical. The document is intended to be a client deliverable for one or more clients. It can be generic ("Acme Inc.") or specific. Anything developed for a specific client will fall into this class. However, legal documentation should NOT be in this class; contracts are a special case and belong under Internal.

Internal. The document is intended for internal use only. It can be code (source code, libraries, modules), documentation (users guides, administrative guides, policies, procedures), or anything else for internal consumption. Anything developed by Human Resources, Finance, or Legal (including client-deliverable contracts) should be in the Internal class. Review information -- member reviews and management assessment reviews (MAR) -- is also considered internal documentation.

Marketing and Sales. The document has been developed for marketing or sales purposes. Typical documents are advertisements, product and service offerings, publications (such as articles in the trade press that don't fit into the Client or Technical class and brochures), and other sales literature.

Recruiting. The document is for recruiting purposes and is usually specific to an agency or a candidate, a job description for positng, internal documentation (policies, procedures, and so on for recruiters), and other documentation.

Other. This class should only be used if the document does not fit into any of the other classes. Very few documents should fall into this category.

Other is also used when a document submitter does not know where the document belongs. The Other:Other class and subclass can be used in that case, though we request you minimize your use of it since it may prevent your document from appearing in searches.

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