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 Repository Help: Permissions

The Permissions field indicates the security permissions for the document. The bits have the following meanings:

The document can be provided to Internet users without requiring SecurID access, that is, to external users of the Internet web site.

The document has been approved for internal-to-CT release. If a customer deliverable, it's been approved for release to the specific customer. If it's a Marketing, Recruiting, or Sales document, it's been approved for release by members of those departments.

The document has been locked down such that no further changes are allowed. Frozen documents usually mean that a newer version of the document exists. A document cannot be both Frozen and Locked.

The document has been checked out by its author or a database administrator for changes to be made to it. You should still be able to download and view it, but it is scheduled to change in the near future. A document cannot be both Frozen and Locked.

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