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The IBM 3090 mainframe computer used primarily for Michigan Terminal System (MTS) transactions has been retired. The mainframe and associated equipment (printers, tape-drives, cables and disks) were removed from the North Campus Computing Center Building on May 30 [1997].

"Three 48 ft. semi trailers were filled with the equipment, including over eight miles of thick "bus and tag" cable which was located under the first and second floors of the building," said Steve Gold, UMCE Facilities Manager. Because of the advances in technology, the resale value of the equipment totaled only $4000 through University of Michigan Property Disposition.

MTS operation officially ended nearly a year ago on June 30, 1996 after 30 years of unprecedented service. It was one of the first systems in the world to provide an avenue for sharing information and ideas by enabling electronic communications over networks. MTS linked together major institutions for the first time fostering an electronic community that promoted collaboration.

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