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May 1966
IBM 360 Model 50, located at the North University Building (NUBS), used for early MTS development work.

Merit Network founded.

First Data Concentrator built (as part of the ConComp Project). For more than 10 years, these provided the bulk of the access to MTS for timesharing users.


January 1967
Computing Center obtains a new IBM 360 Model 67.

May 1967
MTS released to campus as operating system for IBM 360/67.

Batch-mode access and billing for CPU time added to MTS.

February 1968
First remote graphics station connected to MTS.

August 1968
Computing Center obtains dual-processor 360/67.

November 1968
University of British Columbia runs MTS.


February 1969
University of Newcastle runs MTS.

October 1969
Construction commences on North Campus Computing Center Building.

September 1970
University of Alberta runs MTS.

January 1971
Wayne State University runs MTS.

April 1971
Computing Center moves to new building; NUBS remains as a remote batch station. MTS runs on an Amdahl 470V/6 computer (serial number 2).¹


May 1974
First MTS workshop held at University of British Columbia.

Confer software provides conferencing and e-mail services via MTS.

"Which Host?" network prompt first appears.

July 1976
Rensselaer Polytechnic University runs MTS.

October 1976
Confer and MTS used in support of a conference of the International Society for Technology Assessment.


Microcomputer access to MTS provided.

July 1981
$MESSAGE e-mail available on MTS.

September 1982
MTS able to send and receive e-mail to and from remote, non-MTS systems.

First Secondary Communications Processor (SCP) deployed.

Information Technology Division formed by combining Computing Center, Office of Administrative Systems, and U-M Office of Telecommunications.


May 1985
UB system and request accounts available to the campus community.

January 1986
The first U-M computer conference organized by students (Meet:students) is opened to all students using Confer on MTS.

January 1992
UB system merged into UM system.

April 1996
More than 49 million messages sent since 1981 using e-mail on MTS.

June 1996
MTS retired at U-M. Still running at Wayne State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic University, and the University of British Columbia.

June 1999
MTS retired at RPI. Believed to be the last site to run MTS.

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The bulk of this article originally appeared in the May 1996 Information Technology Digest, published by the University of Michigan Information Technology Division. It was written by Susan Topol, ITD Staff Writer, and is copyright © 1996 by the Regents of the University of Michigan. Revisions and additions from other universities in the MTS Consortium have been added.
¹   Other sources say the Amdahl showed up in 1974.

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