Josh Work Articles Michigan IT Apr01/17 Michigan IT joins Myspace

Social media is an ever-changing landscape of exciting options. There's Friendster, Orkut, Vine, and Yik-Yak just to name a few. But no social media platform is as leading edge, new, and cool as Myspace. That's why the Michigan IT Steering Committee has created a Michigan IT Myspace account!

Some of the standout features of Myspace include:

  • Friends — Connect with people you know through the Internet!
  • Online Status — Find out whether they are online now or AFK!
  • Mood Updates — Select how you feel from a funny list of moods!
  • Myspace Tom — Your first Friend is wearing a funny white t-shirt in his Profile Photo!
  MySpace logo

Check us out and let us know what you think!

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