Josh Work Convex Moving Why North American Van Lines Sucks

This page contains information about my experiences with North American Van Lines and my move from Ann Arbor and Southfield Michigan to Dallas Texas. All times are in 24-hour format with the time zone specified. Any material in double quotes ("...") indicate directly quoted words and phrases; I have paraphrased the context in every instance. Any material in square brackets ([...]) are editorial comments.

Thu Jun14/90 1100 EDT1 Depart Ann Arbor, with belongings, for Southfield. North American Van Lines (NAVL) in Texas has been informed that my "contact" phone number is now 313/353-0385 (Southfield).
Fri Jun22/90 0800 EDT All belongings packed, in Southfield. The packer arrived 0800 (0815) EDT and finished by 1300 (1240). [The parenthesized times are actual; the non-paren'd times were recorded on the form.] We are told that the loaders will arrive Monday morning.
Mon Jun25/90 1200 EDT1 It's no longer morning, so I call NAVL/Tx. Virginia says that NAVL/Mi has tried to get ahold of me and has left two messages on my answering machine. I say I've not received any messages, and she responds by asking if my number is 313/995-3120 (Ann Arbor). I remind her that over a week ago she was informed that I was no longer going to be in Ann Arbor and that my phone number had changed [ed: see Thu Jun14/90]. She says she'll check into things.... She also informed me, during the course of this call, that the crew that was to have been mine filled up the truck due to a bad estimate on the part of NAVL/Mi, and that happened Saturday (Jun23/90). NAVL/Mi, according to Virginia, is trying to find me a new driver and truck.
1500 EDT Jan from NAVL/Mi calls, and they will load today if possible. They prefer loading on Tue Jun26/90, either 0800 or "midmorning." They haven't yet got in contact with a new driver for me.
1512 EDT I call NAVL/Tx and express my displeasure.
1524 EDT Bob at NAVL/Tx (Virginia's at lunch) called Jan at NAVL/Mi. He now tells me that "my" crew is on another assignment and will arrive to load me today. Jan will call me when the crew is en route to my house. Bob will check back with NAVL/Mi around 1600 EDT to see what's what.
1626 EDT Bob didn't call me, so I called him. He'll call Jan and then me with a report.
1645 EDT Jan at NAVL/Mi said that Dave at NAVL/Mi (Dispatcher) will call me when a crew is available. Jan is leaving work at 1700 EDT.
1649 EDT Jan called again. A crew has just arrived at NAVL/Mi and will be on its way in half an hour (time for them to do their paperwork).
1820 EDT Crew arrives. (It doesn't take an hour, even at that time of day, to get to my house from NAVL/Mi unless you get thouroughly lost.) There are no facilities aboard the truck to load a car, and the driver claims to have been told nothing about loading a car onto the truck. He says that someone will come get it tomorrow morning.
1945 EDT Crew departs with all loaded except the car.
Tue Jun26/90 0810 EDT I called NAVL/Mi, and Jan told me:
  1. they were not supposed to load my car last night since that was a local van only; [ed: that's not what the driver told me]
  2. my driver hasn't called in yet;
  3. she doesn't know when he will call in but "expects soon" [ed: There's no mandatory check-in every _n_ days?]; and
  4. she may have to have my car driven to the warehouse because there's no guarantee that they'll be able to get a crew to me before I have to leave (1400  EDT) for the airport.
I am under a 1400 EDT deadline because my ride to the airport is a friend who has another commitment later that day. Parents and sibling are out of town at said sibling's college orientation and will not be back until Thu Jun28/90, so everything has to be done by 1400 EDT today.
0917 EDT Virginia at NAVL/Tx says that Jan at NAVL/Mi says that my car might not get loaded if I don't have it driven by NAVL/Mi to the warehouse. I express my extreme displeasure but acquiesce to this.
0955 EDT Jan at NAVL/Mi calls; she's sending two "guys" out to drive my car to the warehouse.
1025 EDT Drivers arrive, Southfield.
1031 EDT Depart for warehouse. Mileage 45.8. No exceptions to mint condition car. I gave them one set of keys, no registration or insurance (they didn't ask).
1400 EDT Went to lunch then airport with friend.
1735 EDT Leave DTW.
1922 CDT Land, DFW.
2030 CDT Arrive at place where I'm staying until my stuff gets here.
Wed Jun27/90 1145 CDT NAVL/Tx will check on status for me and I'm to call back later today.
1442 CDT Virginia will get in touch with my driver's dispatcher in Ft Wayne, IN. I'm to call tomorrow with a phone number. Delivery will be "some time this weekend."
Thu Jun28/90 1316 CDT Gave Virginia Lee's phone number. She will "definitely call [me] tomorrow" and hasn't yet gotten in touch with my dispatcher in IN yet. She "has [her] fingers crossed" that my stuff will arrive in time for work on Monday.
Fri Jun29/90 1302 CDT I called Virginia. [Ed note: She said she'd call this morning, but after 50% of the work day had gone by, she hadn't. It also took her two plus days to make one phone call to Indiana.] She promised to call back in half an hour.
1336 CDT They (NAVL/Tx) want me to rent a car. They'll pay for it in full. Plus, they'll try to buy me off with $125 per day for every day my shipment is late, starting Sun Jul01/90.

The driver "will be late" and my stuff will arrive "on or by Tuesday" according to Bob at NAVL/Tx. He'll call me back with a confirmation in half an hour.
1419 CDT Kathy at NAVL/CustomerService will get a car delivered to me at Lee's house, today if possible. They will call me first. NAVL will call me if there's a problem getting the car to me.
1437 CDT Virginia at NAVL/Tx said it's on its way. Bob's home phone number, should I need to call him, is 214/530-1275.
1452 CDT Rental car company called and will deliver a prepped car Real Soon Now.
1558 CDT Alan from the rental company delivered a car. It had slightly less than a half tank of gas, and he expects me to pay $6 for a refueling charge. I don't pay him at this time since I don't have correct change and he can't break a $10 or $20.
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Mon Jul02/90 1220 CDT I am informed that Virginia at NAVL/Tx called. I, of course, am at lunch when she calls.
1436 CDT I call back (having gotten the message); she's at lunch.
1518 CDT They ran a trace this morning. The ETA is still set for Tue Jul03/90.
1600 CDT Virginia confirmed. The driver has my phone numbers (at Lee's and work), and should call me tomorrow. My file is on top of her desk, should she not be in. Delivery WILL BE tomorrow, they say.
Tue Jul03/90 1232 CDT I called Virginia. She hasn't heard anything yet today, but will call the dispatcher in IN and see what the story is. The trace still shows a confirmed delivery today (Tue Jul03/90).
1432 CDT Virginia called. The dispatcher (NAVL/In) said that my driver has 2 deliveries to make today, and was supposed to check in around noon. Virginia also said that the driver is supposed to wait on-site 2 hours for me to arrive. I informed her I'd be in meetings from 5-7pm, and not home until after 7pm.
1945 CDT Check base at the apartment. No messages. No messages on Lee's machine, either. Meaning, nobody's tried to call either home number all day. Thoroughly fed up, I go to dinner. (I left a message on Bob Akers' answering machine, just in case....)
2350 CDT I (at Lee's) am awakened by a phone call from my roommate. It seems that, even though NAVL has my Dallas (apartment) address, the driver was attempting to make a delivery to Convex — yes, to Corporate HQ. At 11:30 at night. <Sigh>. So, I go to the apartment and wait for the movers to show up.
Wed Jul04/90 0045 CDT Arrival. Unloading begins. The driver and his assistant did nothing but complain (food poisoning from this place, and this is their second delivery tonight, and my partner fainted twice, and so on). Everything survived unscathed EXCEPT the following:
  • Glass top for desk (shattered)
  • Glass top for dresser (shattered)
  • Wooden table leg (one leg broken, one damaged)
  • Car (roof gouged, some damage to front bumper)
  • Shrink wrapping on the Van Gogh poster is torn
  • A bottle of aftershave broke, causing minor damage to clothing and a quilt now has to be cleaned, professionally (to take care of acids in the aftershave).
The driver(s) claim that the glass was broken when they got the shipment to load back in Michigan (ie, they blame NAVL/Mi for those). They didn't comment about the table or the aftershave. They did say that there was a broken 2x4 above the car, but they checked and it wasn't touching the car. However, apparently the movement of the truck on the roads caused the busted 2x4 to rub against the car roof (there are wood splinters on the car top). The paint is scratched, the primer is showing, and the bare metal of the roof is showing as well. [Ed: And rusting too. :-( ]
0230 CDT Driver departs. I begin to unpack (since they weren't about to help; with their complaining (cf above), I honestly didn't think them capable. Likewise, they complained that they had to get on the way back to Michigan that evening blah blah blah).
0300 CDT I give up and go to what vaguely approximates bed.
Thu Jul05/90 0840 CDT I informed Heather that I'm going to make a claim.
0856 CDT I called Virginia at NAVL/Tx. She will get in touch with a local furniture company they use to see what's to be done about the table. She'll call me herself sometime today with information about the car. [REMINDER: Car work must be done by a Ford dealer.] I note in passing that Virginia seemed quite surprised that they'd deliver it not only after dark but after midnight. She'd "never heard of such a thing."
1625 CDT1 NAVL Customer Service called about the rental car; I'm to call either NAVL/CS or Altra directly.
Fri Jul06/90 0800 CDT Altra called me at work. They'll try to swing by Convex sometime today to get the keys, and then to Dallas to pick up the car.
???? CDT1 Talked to Virginia (cf Thu). I'm to fax her two written estimates for repairs on the car.
1800 CDT1 I leave keys in the gas cap and head off to dinner. Car was picked up while I was gone.
Sat Jul07/90 1300 CDT1 Mail from NAVL: A claim form. I'm to include this (filled out in toto) when I mail my claim back to NAVL. Reminder, I've got nine (9) months from date of delivery to file a claim. (Form is dated Thu Jul05/90.)
Mon Jul09/90 1400 CDT1 Sue Serrano called from the furniture store (at 255-5484). We arranged an appointment on Sat Jul21/90 0900-0930am arrival, for them to measure out the desk, dresser, and nightstand for glass tops of the correct weight, and for repair or replacement of the computer table.
1620 CDT I called NAVL to chat and to discuss more damages I found while unpacking. Talked to Bob Akers. He said:
  1. He'll write a letter for me to sign to get me $125 per day for each day late my stuff was. (IMO: 3 or 4 — Sun, Mon, Tue [, Wed?].) I'm to sign it and then return it to him; he'll enclose SASE.
  2. Go ahead and get all repairs (other than the car) done, save receipts, and they'll reimburse me. This includes furniture (qv), poster, dry cleaning of the quilt, and anything else I find that can be attributed to NAVL. Also, I can charge the nightstand glass top to NAVL as well.
  3. Regarding the car, he gave me the following Ford dealers to get estimates from, based on their geographic closeness to work/home:
    • North Central Ford
      North Central Expwy at Campbell
    • [unnamed dealer]
      3401 S. Garland Ave (3 exits down
      on LBJ from Skillman exit)
    I'm to fax the written estimate(s) to him instead of to Virginia. The fax number is still 247-6840. I'm not only to claim the damage caused by NAVL (bumper, doors, trunk, roof), but also the damage to the external mirror. He says that since they picked up a mint-condition car they ought to make sure that's what I've got when they finish with it.
Thu Jul12/90 1358 CDT Get e-mail that Virginia called; I call back. She said she'd send the letter mentioned in (a) above and I should return it to Bob.
Sat Jul14/90 1400 CDT Mailcall: Letter arrived; I'm to reword, rewrite, and mail it back to Bob on Convex letterhead.
Wed Jul18/90 1730 CDT1 Got estimates from (a) North Central Ford and (b) Middlekauf Ford. NC estimates $1300+, and M est's $1000+. I have sent faxes of each estimate to Virginia's office at the number above. I also called the office and left a message that she's got the faxes. NCFord estimated 4-5 days. I want to ask her if NAVL is going to pay for the rental car I'll need for that week....
Thu Jul19/90 0958 CDT Virginia called. Since the estimates are more than $500, they want an independent appraisal made and will have someone get in touch with me within three to five [business] days.
0945 CDT Vicki from NorTex called and left a message on the machine. 245-1502. [Message received 2200 Fri Jul20]
Fri Jul20/90 0925 CDT I called Bob. He said that since delivery was July 4, I can ask for $500. He said the adjuster would call and come at my convenience.
0930 CDT I called Vicki at NorTex back. Next week Mon or Tue, the appraiser (Gordon Burrough) will come out, pull me out of class, and look at the car. I've asked Tammie to pull me out of class when he gets here.
1031 CDT Confirmed that someone will arrive tomorrow AM.
Sat Jul21/90 0930 CDT1 Arrival. (Departure was by 1030? No records found.)
1200 CDT1 Get acknowlegement in mail from NAVL/Indiana regarding my claim. (Dated 07/20/90 21:10 EST)
Mon Jul23/90 1115 CDT Get message from Sue Westmore that Sue Serrano called me.
1239 CDT Return call. Line busy.
1247 CDT Get through. She informs me that neither Virginia nor someone named Tony at NAVL/Tx is aware of their paying for the glass. I informed Sue of my verbal agreement with Bob (cf. Mon Jul09/90 1620 1.b), and she said she'd call NAVL and confirm then call me back. I also told her that if NAVL refuses to pay for it that I would.
Tue Jul24/90 1458 CDT I called Sue Serrano at The Classic Touch. She said "As far as I know, everything's okay," and she'll call me if anything different happens.
1506 CDT I commented that I hadn't heard anything as of last night, and he hadn't showed up here yet. So, Vicki (NorTex) said she'd beep Gordon and see what was what. I told her (again!) where Convex Education Center is, and gave her the Convex Main Switchboard number to leave a message at should she need to get ahold of me.
1900 CDT Gordon called; can he stop by tonight to examine the car? I said sure. (Even if he was supposed to stop by during the day Monday or Tuesday.)
1920 CDT Gordon arrived.
1924 CDT Gordon departed. He said he'd mail me the form copy in the morning.
Fri Jul27/90 1234 CDT Virginia said:
  1. IN will let me know re: car;
  2. IN will send me a check (IN got the fax on Tue Jul24/90); and
  3. If I haven't heard by Fri Aug03/90, call her.
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Fri Aug03/90 1553 CDT Virginia said that Sue Serrano called her, wondering where her money was, so Virginia called Ft. Wayne. They said that they were closing the claim next week, which implies (to Virginia) that they're paying damages and sending stuff to Revenue to issue checks and so on. Since I have not yet received my check for $500, she'll check and call me back this afternoon.
1608 CDT Virginia called. The money for the delay was mailed Jul31/90. The money for the car is being sent next week. [Ed Note: Huh? What if the repairs go over the amount estimated? Now I am confused and angry.]
Mon Aug06/90 0905 CDT I called Virginia and she confirmed (voice) what Sue Westmore said Virginia'd said in mail. I should be receiving the $500 check "any day now," since it was mailed Jul31/90, and Friday (Aug03/90) Denise in Cargo Cliams had closed out my account and was issuing a check for the car. I expressed my unease at this, since FtWayne has only an estimate for the repairs, not exact repair figures. She said she'd call Denise and get back to me.
0909 CDT According to Virginia, Denise said, "99.9% of the time, those [independent] estimates do not vary." Thus, they went with the middle ($1233.15) estimate. I should call Virginia two days prior to my taking the car in so she can make arrangements with a company (such as Altra) to rent & deliver me a car. I commented that it made more sense for me to rent a car from the dealer, since I had to go there to drop off & pick up my own car anyhow. Her only comment was that dealer rentals were more expensive, in general. If my money (either the $500 or the $1200) isn't here by Friday, I should call her back. If the $1200 is insufficient, call her and NAVL'll reopen the claim.
Wed Aug08/90 0902 CDT I called Virginia (she's out, so I talked to Bob). He'll check on the status of the $500 and $1233.15 checks for me, and call me back.
0914 CDT I talked to Heather. She'll talk to Bob about what normal procedures are for a car (ie, if they pay me and I pay the dealer, or if they pay the dealer).
0928 CDT Bob called me back. Here's the scoop:
  1. The $500 could take as long as 7-10 days to get here since it has to be authorized, printed, signed, and mailed.
  2. He is going to have the Dallas office issue the $1233.15 check today, since it seems that Ft. Wayne typed up the wrong amount on the authorization and it could take as long as another 5 [business] days to get it here. So, Dallas will pay me, and Indiana will pay Dallas. Bob will drop the check off at the front desk (and call when he's got it). If the repairs come to more than $1233.15, I am to call Bob (263-4400, beeper=992-9978) immediately, and he'll get me a check for the additional amount.
  3. As for the quilt and the poster, I'm to do those and send Bob the receipts and get reimbursed. (They're small enough that it's not worth the (amount-of-claim and the hassle of dealing with NAVL/IN.) Bob suggested "Zak's" on Greenville or Audelia as a poster place; I can find my own dry-cleaner's for the quilt.
  4. As for the furniture, he said he's got the invoice so I am assuming that the glass is on order and all will be well with the furniture.
0945 CDT Called Champion Ford (891-5102), and Smiley said I could bring it in at any time. I said I'd bring it in later in the week. (That phone number is body shop, not main desk.)
1600 CDT1 Bob called; he's on his way over with the check. I told him I'd take the car in Friday after work. He's got appointments until 2:30pmish, so after that he can give me a ride home from Champion Ford (should I need it). His card is in the letter/package he's leaving at the front desk for me.
1650 CDT I pick up check from main desk. $1233.15, as the estimate said.
Fri Aug10/90 1016 CDT I called The Classic Touch. Sue said that NAVL had denied the claim on the nightstand glass, and I'd have to pay $25.45 on it (she thought that was the number; she wasn't sure). I'll call Bob and confirm this.
1028 CDT I called Bob and got Virginia. She doesn't know what, if anything, Bob's done about the car yet. She'll call Customer Service to check and call me back.
1234 CDT Virginia called, wanting to know which company rented me a car. I told her (Altra); she'll call me back.
1243 CDT Altra will drop a car off at Skillman between 5pm and 6:30pm today. (Call them at 644-2461 if there's any problem). According to FtWayne, I can have the car for no more than eight days, which means I'll need my own car back by Fri Aug17/90.
1534 CDT I arrive at Champion Ford (who're apparently changing their name to Leadership Ford) to drop off the car. I talk with Smiley, the Assistant Manager of the Body Shop, who says he's fairly certain the car'll be ready by next Friday. I finish around 1545 and wait in the lounge.
1600 CDT Bob Akers arrives to give me a ride home. He says that someone from Altra should be dropping off the car between 1700 and 1830. He also says that NAVL will pay for the nightstand, so if nobody tells Sue Serrano, I'll send the receipt to NAVL c/o Bob Akers, and let them issue me a check.
1630 CDT I check the mail; still no check from NAVL. If it's not here by Monday's mail, I'll call Tuesday and see what's up.
1826 CDT Someone (Alan, I think; didn't write it down) from Altra calls and says he'll be there in a "little more than 15 minutes, as soon as [his] delivery guy shows up."
1919 CDT Steve from Altra arrives with a Dodge (looks like a Plymouth Reliant, but the paperwork claims it's a Dodge). (53 minutes <> 15. :-/ )
1924 CDT Sign paperwork and go look at car. Looks like a car. Miscellaneous dings in it, the left front body-side-moulding is missing; it's got 0.5-tank of gas. Some (internal) cigarette burns.
Thu Aug16/90 1129 CDT Bob called, wanting to know how things looked re: my car. I told him I had no new information.
1621 CDT I called Champion Ford, and AJ said that it was in the paint booth, and it would probably be ready tomorrow. I should call noonish to verify.
1624 CDT I called Bob and got Virginia. They're aware (now) of the situation, and will arrange with Altra for a pickup tomorrow after I call them to confirm that my car is ready.
Fri Aug17/90 1309 CDT Smiley at Champion Ford said the car should be ready 3pmish.
1310 CDT Bob at NAVL said to leave keys in the gas tank and I said I'd park the rental near the service lounge. He said I should get the $500 soon, and if it wasn't here by Wednesday Aug22/90 to call him back. Also, if the repair costs were more than $1233.15, let him know.
1624 CDT Pick up a newly-painted car from Champion. Costs were taken directly from the estimate (not even an extra charge for putting the license-plate mount on the front of the car), so I endorsed the $1233.15 check over to Champion Ford. I left the rental car near the Service Dept. lobby/waiting area, with the keys in the gas cap.
Sat Aug18/90 1030 CDT1 Sue Serrano's daughter called to cancel the appointment since Mrs. Serrano had a heart attack and was in ER. They're supposed to call me back Monday to reschedule.
Mon Aug20/90 ---- CDT They don't call.
Tue Aug21/90 ---- CDT They still don't call.
Wed Aug22/90 1056 CDT I called The Classic Touch and left a message to attempt to reschedule the appointment.
Thu Aug23/90 1011 CDT I called Bob, was left on hold for him for three minutes, then was told he's out of the office. I then began holding for Virginia. By 1017 CDT, I got through (not too bad), and she said she'll check into the story of my $500.
1458 CDT Bob left a message on my voice mail.
1514 CDT I called Bob back. Fort Wayne claims to have mailed the check on July 31 1990. They will check to see if it's been returned or cashed. They confirmed my address on Skillman with Bob, and it matches (including the ZIP+4 code). Bob will call me back either later today or early tomorrow to let me know what the story is. They plan on getting the local (Dallas) manager to sign me a check for $500 tomorrow and Bob said he'd run it over. [I of course remain skeptical.]
Fri Aug24/90 1538 CDT Bob called; he'll bring the check to Convex on Monday around lunchtime. [Thursday's "tomorrow" is Monday?]
Mon Aug27/90 1628 CDT Bob called; he'll be leaving the office in a few minutes, and bringing the check over. [Ed note: This is "lunchtime"???]
1740 CDT I get away from my desk and pick up the check.
Fri Aug31/90 1433 CDT I called Sue Serrano at Classic Touch. (She's fine.) We scheduled for 8:30-9:00 am Thu Sep06/90 delivery.
800 CDT1 A check from NAVL/Indiana in the mail, settling the rest of my claim. I deposit it, noting that I still expect to be reimbursed for the nightstand glass by NAVL/Texas. Some comments on that:
  • "$1233.15" is typoed as "$1233.l15"
  • On Aug09/90 (the date of the letter), she is "pleased to hear that repairs were completed" even though the delivery date wasn't until Aug21 (and it didn't really get delivered until Sep12)
  • She claims that NAVL had no control over the torn shrink-wrapping, since it "was not packed by [NAVL]." Bull. The poster in question was in carton 15, the wardrobe, which was packed by NAVL.
  • Last paragraph reads, in part: "[...], but trust you are now settlement into your new residence." "Settlement" is not a verb. "Settled" is the word she obviously means....
Not the greatest letter in terms of PR, nor does it impress me with the professionalism of the company. [But then, reading this, you could've assumed that.]
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Wed Sep05/90 1730 CDT1 Sue called, and requested we reschedule for Friday evening at 1930-1945. I say fine, bearing in mind that (a) I may be out of town this weekend and (b) I'm stuck at my desk until 7pm.
Fri Sep07/90 1955 CDT They're still not here, so I call. The person who answered the phone didn't know when they'd be back or where they were.
2038 CDT I call again; no answer.
2125 CDT I call again; the same person answers. They're not home, he doesn't know when they will be. I ask him to let her know I am "very upset" and that I expect to hear from them tonight or tomorrow morning.
Sat Sep08/90 1341 CDT I call again; no answer.
1450 CDT I call again; no answer.
1911 CDT I call again; no answer.
Sun Sep09/90 1311 CDT I call again; no answer.
1531 CDT I call again; no answer.
Mon Sep10/90 0809 CDT I call; Sue isn't there but her daughter schedules me for an appointment on Wednesday at 6:30-7:00pm. She also is "really sorry" about this.
Wed Sep12/90 1048 CDT Sue called me at work. Seems she forgot to record Friday in the appointment book, and it's all her fault, and please don't blame her husband when he shows up tonight at 1830.
1820 CDT Arrival. Three pieces of glass. Desk and dresser are precise; nightstand measurement is off by about an inch (it's too big; it hangs 1+ inch(es) off the back).
1826 CDT Departure. I didn't mention the nightstand glass problem, because I didn't notice until after they left. Considering that the nightstand glass is more or less "optional" (given the state of the nightstand), I'm not overly concerned. (Besides, I can always use it elsewhere should the need arise....)
Thu Sep13/90 1058 CDT FAXed the invoice to Atlantic North American, attn: Bob Akers (per phone call around 1054, Virginia Cook).
Mon Sep24/90 1518 CDT No response from NAVL as to the nightstand glass.
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Tue Nov13/90 1930 CST1 Got letter in the mail dated Nov09 from someone named Gail Mungovan from Cargo Claims (in IN). She says that since NAVL paid the rental car company $226.79 and me $360 for the eight days my car was in service, I should remit them $360. While I don't deny that I should remit what I owe them, NAVL still has to reimburse me for the poster reframing (was packed in the wardrobe case, which is them even though they claim it's not their problem) and the nightstand glass (which has been outstanding since Sep13, qv). I would be willing to pay them $226.79 (the amount they double-paid). One would think that after the complete fiasco in the move that someone at North American Van Lines would have the foresight to write off a $360 mistake instead of having me this upset. I don't know how much business Convex does with NAVL, but I can point to three people (one current, one former, and one never employed-by-Convex) who will explicitly not use NAVL when/if they move. (At least two of those three will move; one within the next week.)

[Ed. Note: Ms. Mungovan claims that she received the $226.79 bill from an "Ultra Auto Rental Company." The correct company name is "Altra Auto Rental Company," as given on their invoices to me. Yet another indication that NAVL can't be correct if their corporate lives depended upon it.]

[Ed. Note: According to Ms. Mungovan's letter, my claim CJ3230 is file 70-1890-03T, whereas according to Ms. Hofer's letter of Aug09/90, claim CJ3230 is file 070-1890-03D. Makes refering to it on my part interesting, as I have more and more numbers to refer to, most of which are meaningless....]
Thu Nov15/90 1104 CST Called Heather expressing annoyance at NAVL. She said she'd call Bob and someone'd get back to me.
1110 CST Bob called. He agrees that of the $360, I should only pay back the $226.79 that was double paid. I brought up the issues of the nightstand glass and the poster, and suggested that I pay back NAVL/IN as follows:
            $ 226.79   double payment, rental car
           -   23.53   nightstand glass
           -     .     poster reframing
            $    .     amount to reimburse
Since I don't know the poster cost at this time, I can't put that figure in and complete the table. Bob said he'd call IN and tell them that's what I was going to do, and that he'd approved same.
Sat Nov17/90 1459 CST Zaks tells me $91.95 for the poster, and it'll be ready on Dec12/90 after 1800 CST. The table above therefore resolves to:
           $ 226.79 double payment, rental car
          -   23.53 nightstand glass
          -   91.95 poster reframing
           $ 111.31 amount to reimburse
Mon Nov19/90 1036 CST Letter written to Bob, FAXed (on Convex letterhead). When I have in writing approval for the plan as outlined above, I will write the check to NAVL and call this whole thing over and done with.
1623 CST FAX received from Bob approving the above. Can't write the check until payday (and even then it'll be a bit tighter than I'd like), but soon it'll all be done with....
Tue Nov20/90 0932 CST Mail from Heather:
$2,405.75 (of course this is our amount after our discount) is the final amount billed to us by NorthAmerican!
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Wed Dec12/90 2100 CST1 Message on home answering machine from Cyndi at Zak's. They're behind schedule and will call when my poster is ready for pickup. I'll pay NAVL the $111.31 when the poster is back and all is done.
Fri Dec14/90 1732 CST I call Zaks, and the framing department suggests I call back "early next week" to check on it.
Sun Dec23/90 1436 CST I call them again, and they say it's ready.
1502 CST I pick it up. Looks nice.
Wed Dec26/90 0919 CST I write out a check to NAVL for $111.31, and get photocopies of my letter and Bob's reply (cf Nov19/90). It'll go out in today's mail. For the record, I'm sending along a copy of this file to both the main office (Ft. Wayne, IN) and to the local office (in Carrolton).
Wed Dec26/90 1700 CST Claim complete (all reimbursements complete).
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1 The time is an approximation (error +/- 0.5hr).

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