pix from defcon2k (7/2000)
pic taken during my 1st 2600 in SF (Aug 97)
pic taken after my 2nd 2600 in SF (Aug 97)
taken by route @ r00t dinner, Defcon 6 (July 98)
taken by my mom (winter 84?)
my mom and her dog, heidi (1998)
taken @ dinner w/strick & jon (Feb 98)
a bunch of #gayteen people visited. FAGGOTRY ABOUND.(March 1998)
taken by iwont on day 2 of #gayteen reunion at the golden gate bridge (March 1998)
my sister and our mutual friend Wayne (1998)
I lost a bet and dyed my hair. We bleached it first (Mar 99)
first time dyed, same day as above (Mar 99)
second time dyed, at my birthday party (Mar 99)
I get worried sometimes that this image will shatter..
my sister (fall 98)
taken by someone at the college I went to -- can't remember who or when. (1996)
funny filesystem activity finding NT overflows
me in the hospital (May 1999)
me and Mike in the hospital (May 1999)
pix from the roundtable discussion of the y4k problem (March 1999)
a couple of us @ SF 2600 (1998)
me dicking around with a new quickcam at cityscape.net (August 1996)
me dicking around with an old quickcam at cityscape.net (June 1995)
group after dinner @ Fontana's
soylent and syke @ strick's (1999)
taken at greg's house, corrupted in LView Pro (May 1996)
also taken at greg's house, this one got me in the Cute Geek guy Gallery on grrl.com