DeathMatch level for approx. 4 - 10 players

File size: 1100k

FINAL version 1.0, released 5-09-99

I don't classify this as a playable map. It was one of my first atmospheric experiments. I left it here for those who like to see my progression of maps, and for those who want to see good use of the floor lofter. It does also have a playerstart bug that I never bothered to fix.

Another part of the Deity map that probably won't get released, I expanded this map to be self contained (it was previously just one island with underground passages). I removed the underground passages and made it entirely outside in it's own... crater, if you will. I usually, as a rule, do not put lava or other easy-way-to-die elements in my maps... but gotta break out own rules sometime, eh? The map is outdoors, submersed in lava. Not for the meek! (Or for snowmen, for that matter!)

crater1   crater2   crater3   crater4