The DarkSide Collection

12 DarkMatch Conversions of the Epic Official and Fusion Maps

File size: 3100k

FINAL version 1.0, released 4-01-99

I took a liking to DarkMatch, and looking around on the web, I could find very few DK maps. Granted, it's difficult to learn a new map in the dark, so I thought I look for the standard Epic maps converted to DK. I could only find two! I couldn't believe that no one had done it yet. So, editor in hand, I got to work, and converted every Epic map (except for 3 which didn't lend to darkmatching well) to DK, including the Fusion map pack. I took my time, they're not just removing lights, anyone can do that! I kept all natural, glowing, and outdoor light sources in. Torches and electric lights are out! You'd be surprised how different it is playing familiar maps like this- you need totally different strategies. Think about Morbias in the dark and you'll know what I mean!

dark1   dark2   dark3   dark4