Domination level for approx. 8 players

File size: 775k

FINAL version 1.0, released 11-28-99

The simplest of the levels, it's a Morbias-style arena, and even though there is a rocket launcher to be had, it's not a rocket fest. Weapons are limited and it's a fast pace. I know some people excel at this type of board, I tend to get my butt kicked on it (I almost invariably come in dead last with bots). Strategy is quite different from Morbias, which I can usually come in first in. I'm worried that there's a high processer load on this level, there are a LOT of movers going on. You'll know what I mean when you see it. And for those who doubt- there's two ways you can get to the third level. One you must wait for, but you really can get up there whenever you want...

chess1   chess2

What the reviewers say:

Atticbat: Though far from mammoth in size, Chessboard makes up for it in quality. Based around the huge chessboard namesake, the map is basically an arena for the eight-ball of deathmatch domination. While attempting to avoid being crushed by the larger than normal chess pieces as they 'move' along their paths as if some larger unseen beings were in the middle of a weekend game, one must also beware the ample shaodws above and surrounding the board. A second level encircles the chessboard, along with multiple lifts giving access. Weapons are no problem to find, hiding places are. Again, I played with six bots, and they thrashed me!! All the time, I felt as if I had played this map before, possibly on-line, has it been out for that long? Regardless, I found myself returning, repeatedly, and that's what it is all about! Check this map out! Get it? 'Check'?? Nevermind, just play the map!!!
Graphics- 8.5, Variety-8.0, Gameplay- 8.0, Freshness- 7.0