New Quests, armors

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FINAL version 1.3, released 06-27-2002

It's bad enough the land of Vvardenfell has the blight to deal with- now there are rumors of a dark Orcish sect that have taken residence, and are slowly plotting their own rise to power. Unlike most Orcs, this sect known as the Dread Order tend to be more secretive, plotting for their moment to seize power. The Imperial Legion has ordered the destruction of the Order, but due to their secretive nature they are not that easy to track down. Whispers of their appearances are also marred by tales of quick slaughter. They are clearly a powerful clan, and a few choice commanders in the Imperial Legion are looking for a few good men to help track the Dread Knights down. On the other hand, rumor has it the Orcs are looking for powerful warriors to join them as well...
There are many quests in this plugin, and once you start getting deep into it, they get quite difficult. I tried to make it something for higher level players to do.

Here's an old review site where it scored 95%, 77 votes, Hall of Fame