DMEther (224)

DeathMatch level for approx. 8 - 10 players

File size: 670k

FINAL version 1.2, released 3-19-99

In all reality a quite simple level, but the whole idea is atmosphere. Dark, on a floating platform surrounded by an energy storm. Screenshots really can't do it justice. This level evolved itself, the final being quite different from my original vision, but I think it's neat nonetheless. Should run fast, even with the whole platform complex in view. And don't worry about falling into the ether, it won't kill you... although falling onto a platform probably will! Plenty of secrets to be had, and you may even be visited by the Deity, who knows? This is MY kind of map, sniper heaven... the kind where you get shot at and you have NO idea where they're firing from. That eightball won't save you now!

ether1   ether2   ether3   ether4   ether5   ether6   ether7

What the reviewers say:

Atticbat: Gooooo, NarkyBark!! The play area is limited to levels of ramps (careful around the edges, there, boyeee!!) giving multiple angles of fire. The lightning backgrounds are awesome, I kept waiting for a strike on one of the ramps, that would have been rad! The ramps lead to a few different areas. There are 'rooms', with some interesting areas to play around in, and secrets... shhhh! ;) My bots played reaaly well, keeping me hopping, but the true gameplay here is with other humans, and it rocks!! Definately a desirable addition to the 'maps' folder, fraggers!!
Graphics- 8.0, Variety-7.0, Gameplay- 8.0, Freshness- 7.0

Nali City: NarkyBark is the curator of The House of Style here on Planet Unreal but who knew he could make maps? DmEther is definitely original - it's a system of platforms and catwalks floating over a swirling ether storm. Lightning flashes in the distance make this map all about atmospshere. But does it make a good Deathmatch? Hell yes! Even with the huge open area frame rates are still good. It's got some of the best sniping you'll see anywhere. Best of all, if you've got 2 health and someone's chasing you then just leap into the ether. You'll get teleported back to a different location on the platforms.
Score 8 out of 10